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Monday, April 23, 2007

Special Issue: Alcohol & Alcohol Policy in Africa

Volume 5, Number 1, 2006

Little is known about the patterns of alcohol consumption and the contribution of alcohol to health and social problems in African countries. There are, nevertheless, estimates from the WHO Global Alcohol Database (WHO, 2004) and specific surveys which show that though high proportions of Africans do not drink drinkers among them tend to consume high volumes of alcohol. Indeed several African countries have some of the highest levels of per capita consumption in the world, especially when traditional beverages are included in the estimates.

The papers in this special issue of the African Journal of Drug & Alcohol Studies are devoted to shedding more light on the extent and patterns of use, and factors associated with alcohol consumption and related problems in the continent. A second objective is to highlight and discuss the prospects for evidence-based and cost-effective interventions to limit the health and social damage caused by alcohol in the face of what is expected to be increasing consumption and problems.


Contributor: Isidore S. Obot