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Monday, April 23, 2007

Drink and Drugs News
23 April 2007

In this issue

News Round-up

News Commission to tackle policy with evidence • UK drink driving worsens • Gap grows between pupils’ understanding and behaviour • Grant cut jeopardises young people’s services • Universities need stronger role in drug prevention • Belfast study on cannabis use • Call for prison alcohol funding • New recruitment service at


Cover story
Asians don’t do drugs
Reaching people with substance misuse problems in many cultures and communities is hampered by ignorance and stereotyping. DDN finds out from Yaser Mir how actions can spea louder than words in connecting to the ‘hard to reach’.

Seeing past the smoke
Ann McNeil and Jamie Bridge suggest how a harm reduction philosophy could replace the ‘quit of die’ approach to one of the world’s most dangerous drugs.

Release: needed then, needed now
On Release’s 40th anniversary, Sebastian Saville explains why the human rights champion is more relevant than ever.

The freedom to be addicted
Freedom and addiction are polarities that feed on each other, says William Pryor.

Letters and comment
Anger and angst on statistics and monitoring; call for information on LSD; new thinking on alcohol policy.

Background briefing
Prof David Clark examines what treatment could look like if it were based on the best science possible.

Advice for Maria on translating work experience to full-time employment.

Jobs, courses, conferences, tenders