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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Proposed Legislation on Alcopops

AB 346 - An Act to Restrict Youth Access to Youth-friendly Alcohol Drinks

Legislation introduced by California Assembly Member Jim Beall will reduce underage drinking by limiting access to alcohol products with particular youth appeal. Alcohol-spiked “energy drinks” and pre-packaged “jello-shots”, as well as ‘alcopops’ are defined by the bill has having special youth appeal.

Products identified as having youth appeal will be required to display a label, "Warning: Contains Alcohol" and will be subject to marketing restrictions restricting youth access. Bill Text (html) (pdf)

AB 345 - The Underage Drinking Prevention Act of 2007

Assembly Member Lori Saldana has introduced a bill aimed at reducing harm caused by alcopops. Highlights:

  • Allocates the estimated $50 million in tax revenue resulting from the proper taxation of alcopops as distilled spirits to a fund dedicated to the prevention of underage drinking.
  • Revenue from a new license fee for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of alcopops will also go into the fund.
  • The fund will be divided among the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (20% for enforcement of underage drinking laws), the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (30% for market research, a media campaign, and assessment of youth recovery programs), and county health departments (50% for emergency/trauma services, youth recovery and prevention programs). Bill Text (html) (pdf)