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Monday, August 1, 2011

Alcohol News - 31/2011 (Finland) - Alcohol locks required for all public school transport
The use of alcohol locks became mandatory as of Monday for all authorized vehicles taking children to school and daycare. An alcohol lock prevents a car from starting if a breathalyzer test shows the driver is over the legal limit.
Sverige Radio (Sweden) - An end to the alcohol monopoly?
Despite EU membership, Sweden is holding on to its state liquor store monopoly. But there are signs that reform may be coming to a system that dates back to the mid-1800’s. Like a number of other northern countries, Sweden has a tradition of heavy drinking, especially beer and hard liquor.
Talking (Norway) - Norway gets to keep ban on alcohol ads on TV
The Norwegian ban on alcohol advertising on TV will not be affected by an implementation of the EU directive for audiovisual services. So says the EU's ambassador in Norway, János Herman. He also said that Norway will be able to keep its practice for Internet ads.
Health Insurance and Protection Magazine (UK) - Diet and alcohol blamed for women's cancer risk
Unhealthy lifestyles lie behind the fact that a quarter of women in the UK develop cancer by age 75, compared to about a fifth (21%) in Europe, according to experts.
The Guardian (UK) - Drinks industry grip on alcohol panel criticised
The drinks industry has secured heavy representation on a key government advisory working group on alcohol, putting it in a strong position to influence the coalition's forthcoming alcohol strategy.
BBC News (UK) - More teens abstain from alcohol, NHS figures reveal
More than half of younger teenagers in England are abstaining from alcohol, the latest figures from the NHS Information Centre show.
Belfast Telegraph (Scotland) - Minister backs alcohol pricing move
Setting minimum prices for alcohol could help cut the near £700 million wasted each year tackling its misuse, the health minister has said. Edwin Poots said the Stormont Executive is still considering its options on the abuse of alcohol.
News Tonight (Northern Ireland) - Northern Ireland Doctors Blame Cheap Prices of Alcohol for Binge Drinking
Top Notch doctors of Northern Ireland have raised concerns for binge drinking in young women, as, according to them, these women are risking their life to death.
Prague Daily Monitor (Czech Republic) - Drivers no longer penalised for low alcohol blood content
Drivers on Czech roads will no longer be stripped of points for small speeding or a small quantity of alcohol in their blood as from Monday, August 1, when an amendment to the road law takes effect. - Drinking alcohol prolongs, not relieves, stress
Although many people think that having a cocktail will help them relax, the relationship between stress and alcohol is a two-way street.
PR Newswire (USA) - New Alcohol Brand: Marin Institute Renamed 'Alcohol Justice'
he alcohol industry watchdog formerly known as Marin Institute is now called, "Alcohol Justice." The 24-year-old advocacy and research nonprofit made the announcement today as it launched a dynamic new web site at and a series of updated fact sheets painting a picture of devastating alcohol-related harm. (Ireland) - Drink may cause ‘invisible’ brain harm
MORE than 4,000 Irish people could be suffering from an "invisible" serious brain injury caused by alcohol abuse, according to research.
Cowra Community News - Teen-targeted alcohol ads should be banned, says AMA
A NEW report shows there is further evidence that targeted marketing of alcohol to young people should be banned to prevent them from taking up drinking at harmful levels at a young age.
LSU The Reveille - Study: Binge drinking temporarily affects learning, memory
A new animal study by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that binge drinking does not necessarily kill or damage brain cells. Rather, excess alcohol temporarily disables the brain's ability to learn and create memories.
Pattaya Mail (Thailand) - People urged to refrain from alcohol in Buddhist Lent
The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has encouraged people to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages during this Buddhist Lent as a tribute to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej upon this 84th birthday anniversary.
Fleet News Online (EU) - One million drivers tested for alcohol in European crackdown
A crackdown to enforce drink driving and drug driving regulations across Europe saw police conduct almost one million breath tests in a seven-day period, of which more than 17,000 were positive.
The Standard - World putting a brake on swigging alcohol
Today is Friday; a day when many people, especially young adults indulge in fun and drink. But there is an ongoing campaign to put a brake on this around the world. It encourages people who want to enjoy a drink to get a designated driver, who will remain sober.
Mail & Guardian Online (South Africa) - Advertising fuels consumption
It is a facet of human nature that if we recognize a problem and wish to change it, we wish to do so in a manner that requires as little change and as few sacrifices as possible.