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Friday, January 18, 2013

Effects of Parental Alcoholism, Sense of Belonging, and Resilience on Depressive Symptoms: A Path Model

This paper explored the relationships between parental alcoholism, sense of belonging, resilience, and depressive symptoms among Koreans in the U.S. 

Data from 206 Koreans (Mean age = 28.4 years; 59.8% females) living in a Midwestern state were collected in 2009, using a web-based survey, which included Children of Alcoholic Screening Test, Sense of Belonging Instrument, Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale, and Beck Depression Inventory-II. 

Path analysis results revealed sense of belonging as the most powerful, and resilience as the second important factor, resisting depressive symptoms associated with parental alcoholism. Implications for practice and research and study limitations are discussed. 

The study's limitations are noted.

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