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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Correlates of alcohol-related regretted sex among college students.

The prevalence of alcohol-related regretted sex in college students warrants a better understanding of the characteristics of students who report such experiences. 

Therefore, the present study examined correlates of regretted sexual experiences involving alcohol use among 2 specific high-risk college student samples: students mandated to alcohol intervention (n = 522) and volunteer 1st-year students transitioning to college (n = 481). 

Results indicated that alcohol-related regretted sex occurred at similar rates in mandated and volunteer students, with approximately 25% of the students reporting at least 1 occurrence in the past month. Women were more likely to report alcohol-related regretted sex compared with men. The belief that alcohol use would result in “liquid courage” was associated with alcohol-related regretted sex among college students, even after accounting for greater alcohol use and problem alcohol use behaviors. 

These findings have significant implications for intervention efforts and future research. 

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