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Friday, March 23, 2012

Global Actions: March 21, 2012

Key Recent Milestones:

· Thailand: Our partner in Thailand, the Population and Community Development Association (PDA) recently traveled to selected villages in Thailand for the noncommercial alcohol initiative of Global Actions. In collaboration with the Thai Foundation for Responsible Drinking (TFRD), PDA staff interviewed village people and leaders about the impact of unrecorded alcohol on local communities.

Global Actions in Focus: Country Managers in Washington, D.C.

Global Actions country managers and ICAP regional coordinators convened in Washington, D.C. at the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP) headquarters for a week-long collaboration to discuss Global Actions strategies. The week of March 12, coordinators participated in evaluation workshops with Channel Research, a communications workshop, and other meetings with ICAP staff and senior consultants.

The meeting marked the second gathering of all Global Actions country managers and regional coordinators to ICAP headquarters. ICAP president Marcus Grant launched the week with an overview of ICAP strategic review and plans for the future.

“We’re clear that ICAP’s goal is to be respected as the world’s leading think tank on alcohol. But our thinking only becomes relevant when it is translated into policies and programs,” said Grant. “The group gathered in Washington for this meeting represents the front line in testing how ICAP’s thinking works in the real world.”

The meeting included daily workshops by Channel Research. “The main purpose of the monitoring and evaluation workshop was to further enhance the linkages between planning, monitoring, and evaluation of the Global Actions initiatives by equipping the coordinators with a set of tools,” said Annina Mattsson.

“The group was enthusiastic and very receptive to the new tools provided,” Mattsson continued. “Channel Research will continue supporting the coordinators' monitoring and evaluation efforts in a coaching role throughout 2012.”

ICAP’s YouTube channel will soon be updated with interviews filmed during the week. Visit our Facebook page for event photos.

What’s Happening Next:

· Mexico: Global Actions Mexico is partnering with Aguas con el Alcohol to participate in a health fair hosted by Universidad de las Americas. The event will be held at the university in Puebla on March 22 and 23.