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Monday, March 19, 2012

Alcohol News - 12/2012

Financial Times (Denmark) - Lundbeck’s alcoholism drug faces EU regulatory challenges
Lundbeck (CPH:LUN) and Biotie’s (HEL:BTH1V) drug for alcoholism will be scrutinized by the European drug regulatory authority as it failed to pass one bar of efficacy in a clinical trial, according to experts interviewed by BioPharm Insight.
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IceNews (Finland) - Parliament speaker calls for an end to boozing MPs
Finland’s Speaker of Parliament has denounced MPs drinking on the job in the wake of several alcohol-related scandals.
Read more (Sweden) - Childhood Sexual Abuse Linked to Early Onset Alcoholism in Women
To shed more light on this subject, A. Magnusson of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, conducted a study that looked at how genetics and childhood abuse affected the development of Type I and Type II alcoholism in men and women.
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The (Sweden) - Swedish church's new recruitment ploy: wine
A Swedish church with dwindling parish numbers has turned to the pulling powers of alcohol in the hope of bringing in new members, and has invited people who’ve recently turned forty to come in for a wine tasting.
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Travel News (Sweden) - Five out of ten want to avoid alcohol
Skyscanner asked 1205 Swedish travelers what they think about serving alcohol during flights. The entire 52 percent said they would like to see spirits free flights, for 13 percent it does not matter, and over a third want to keep the alcohol.
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TheWip (Cambodia) - Despite Profits, Beer Companies Do Not Provide Living Wage For Cambodian Promoters
Entertainment venues are very popular in Cambodia. They are well supplied with beer and young women to serve it. Karaoke clubs and beer gardens are frequented by Khmer men who expect women to sit and drink with them. This can result in beer sellers drinking an average of five drinks a night according to independent researcher Ian Lubek. All this occurs despite assurances from beer companies that beer sellers are not expected to drink on the job.
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Washington Post (USA) - Despite ban for US troops, alcohol still makes it way to bases in Afghanistan
The U.S. military bans alcohol for its troops in Afghanistan, but that doesn’t stop some soldiers from having a bottle or two stowed away in their gear — a fact highlighted by investigators’ probe into whether alcohol played a role when a U.S. sergeant allegedly carried out a killing spree that left 16 Afghans dead.
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New York Times (USA) - Keeping Alcohol Out of War Zones
Nearly every combat outpost in Afghanistan is automatically part of a volatile mix: a hardened enemy, increasingly sophisticated and deadly land mines, nervous young soldiers, powerful weapons and machinery, suicide bombers, the stress of multiple deployments, searing heat, unfriendly locals, unfamiliar languages.
Read more (Brazil) - Brazil reaffirms support of alcohol sales at Wcup
Brazil's sports minister reaffirmed to FIFA that the government remains committed to approving the sale of alcohol inside World Cup stadiums, even though Congress is divided on the issue.
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BBC News (UK) - 'Sobriety Orders' to be piloted by government
Offenders who commit alcohol-fuelled crimes are to be monitored with ankle tags and breath-tested to ensure they stop drinking, under government plans.
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BBC News (Scotland) - Scottish Parliament supports alcohol minimum pricing bill
Plans for a minimum unit price for alcohol have been approved in principle by the Scottish Parliament.
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Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol advertisers to be 'named and shamed' by new review board
A coalition of health campaign groups will today launch an independent Alcohol Advertising Review Board, claiming the industry has become out of control.
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BBC News (Wales) - Alcohol Concern Cymru claims children exposed to drink advertising
Children are more likely to identify alcohol through advertising than popular food and snack brands, a health campaign group claims.
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Medscape - Preop Alcohol Screening May Predict Postop Complications
A brief survey of drinking habits administered as long as a year before surgery might help identify patients at risk for longer hospital stays, more time in intensive care, and an increased need for a second surgery, according to results of a study published online January 12 and in the March print issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons.
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Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol kids' worst enemy
ALCOHOL is fast becoming the No. 1 threat facing Australian children and there is no adequate system in place to stop them being exposed to alcohol advertising, Australia's foremost child health expert, Fiona Stanley, says.
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Irish Independent (Ireland) - Children 'recognise alcohol brands'
Children as young as 10 are more familiar with leading alcohol brands than those for popular snacks, according to a new survey.
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Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol consumption increases
The amount of alcohol being consumed by Irish adults increased last year for the second year in a row, provisional figures from the Central Statistics Office and Revenue Commissioners show.
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Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Proposal to ban alcohol sponsorship of sporting events 'by 2016'
A total ban on all sponsorship of sporting events by alcohol brands by 2016 is just one of a number of proposals that will be brought to Cabinet in the coming months.
Read more (Canada) - Alcohol major factor in many northern deaths, coroner says
Addictions and mental health issues are almost always factors in the deaths she investigates, according to the Northwest Territories’ chief coroner.
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U.S. News & World Report (USA) - Excessive Drinking Costs U.S. Colleges Millions Annually
The emergency room costs of treating college students with injuries associated with alcohol-induced blackouts can be more than half a million dollars a year at a university with 40,000 or more students, a new study found.
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Medical Xpress - Long work hours linked to alcohol risk for nurses and midwives
It is well known that nurses and midwives work schedules are often irregular and involve shifts, now new research from the University of Otago, Christchurch in association with the University of Queensland has also shown that long hours and harmful alcohol use are linked.
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