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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Abstinence and ‘Low-Risk’ Consumption 1 Year after the Initiation of High-Dose Baclofen: A Retrospective Study among ‘High-Risk’ Drinkers

The aim of the study was to assess the proportions of ‘high-risk’ drinkers' abstinent or with ‘low-risk’ consumption levels 1 year after the initiation of high-dose baclofen.

This is a retrospective ‘open’ study; the outcome of this study was to assess the level of alcohol consumption in the 12th month of treatment.

Of the 181 patients included, a follow-up evaluation was possible in 132 patients. The initial alcohol consumption of the 132 patients analysed averaged 182 ± 92 g/day. After 1 year, 80% of the 132 (i.e. 58% of 181) were either abstinent (n = 78) or drinking at low-risk levels (n = 28) in their 12th month of treatment. The mean baclofen dose at 1 year was 129 ± 71 mg/day.

High-dose baclofen should be tested in randomized placebo-controlled trials among high-risk drinkers.

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