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Monday, March 19, 2012

FASD News - 11/2012

ARTICLES AND NEWS (UK) - Radford teenager who battled major health problems nominated for Prince's Trust award
Antoinette Spelman, of Radford, was born three months prematurely and was given just a 50 per cent chance of survival after being diagnosed with foetal alcohol syndrome.
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Voxy (New Zealand) - First ever NZ conference on alcohol damage to children
An upcoming conference is a first for New Zealand. The "Babies, Children and Alcohol" conference on March 22 at Te Papa, Wellington, is focused on the damage that alcohol is doing to New Zealand's children and what can be done about it.
Read more (USA) - School board decides to study fetal alcohol syndrome
The Rockingham School Board met Monday night and voted to join a partnership with the National Health Institute on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder.
Read more (Tanzania) - Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy
Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is the leading known cause of birth defects. The amount of alcohol required to cause fetal alcohol syndrome (a group of signs and symptoms- commonly known in Kiswahili 'mlimbiko dalili') is unknown, pregnant women are advised to abstain from drinking alcohol altogether.
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dailyRx - Alcohol While Pregnant is Worse Than Cocaine or Pot
Children exposed to as little as half an alcoholic drink a day in utero - even if they didn't have fetal alcohol syndrome - appeared to suffer in their achievement test scores.
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The Citizen (South Africa) - Setting tone for social change
Coupled with the highest HIV/Aids and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome rates globally, SA is one of the most hostile and dangerous places to live, resulting in all manner of social problems.
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VIDEO lecture: Message in a Bottle: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Spectrum
Medical historian, Janet Golden, charts the course of the recognition of fetal alcohol syndrome/spectrum through the courts, the media, the medical establishment, and the public imagination.
Read more – Interview with Edward Riley, Ph.D. - FASD Expert
The National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS) is the leading voice and resource of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) community. Founded in 1990, NOFAS is the only international non-profit organization committed solely to FASD primary prevention, advocacy and support.
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NIAAA - Fetal Alcohol Exposure
Fetal alcohol exposure occurs when a woman drinks while pregnant. Alcohol can disrupt fetal development at any stage during a pregnancy including at the earliest stages before a woman even knows she is pregnant.
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The University of British Columbia - The 5th International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Research: Results and Relevance; Integrating Research, Policy, and Promising Practice Around the World. February 27 - March 2, 2013.
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FAS World Deutchland - Vorankündigung der 14. FASD Fachtagung 2012
Jedes Jahr werden in Deutschland immer noch 4000 bis 10 000 Menschen mit fetalen Alkoholspektrumsstörungen (FASD) geboren. Die vermeidbare Ursache für diese geistigen und körperlichen Fehlentwicklungen ist Akloholkonsum während der Schwangerschaft. Im Verlauf dieser Fachtagung werden wir Rückschau halten auf 40 Jahre Forschung und Prävention und auf die neuesten Entwicklungen in Forschung und Therapie
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EUFASD - Second European Conference on FASD
The European FASD Alliance is pleased to announce the Second European Conference on FASD – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: clinical and biochemical diagnosis, screening and follow-up, which will take place in Barcelona, October 21 to 24, 2012.
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NTI Upstream - NTI Upstream 2012 Webinar Series
Optimal Outcomes for Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. NTI Upstream’s webinars are designed to help individuals and communities translate clinically-based research information into strategies that serve families and children affected by prenatal substance exposure.
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Research for Children - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Learning Series 2011-12
In this session the presenters will discuss the current literature regarding math-based interventions. Working from the limited information available specific to those with an FASD, they will also expand to a discussion of research with other populations that may inform interventions in this area. March 28, 2012 ~ 9 - 11 am.
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Alcoholism - Quantitative Trait Locus Mapping for Ethanol Teratogenesis in BXD Recombinant Inbred Mice
Individual differences in susceptibility to the detrimental effects of prenatal ethanol (EtOH) exposure have been demonstrated. Many factors, including genetics, play a role in susceptibility and resistance.
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Alcohol and Alcoholism - The Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure on the Developmental Retina of Mice
Our aim is to investigate the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) on the development of retinal bipolar and horizontal cells.
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Trends in Neurosciences - Does moderate drinking harm the fetal brain? Insights from animal models
Although public health campaigns advise pregnant women to abstain from ethanol, drinking during pregnancy is pervasive. Here, we highlight recent studies that have clearly demonstrated long-lasting neurobehavioral deficits in the offspring of laboratory animals exposed to moderate levels of ethanol during development.
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Alcoholism – The Science made easy
This publication includes a compilation of alcohol-related Addiction Science Made Easy articles from the ATTC National Office. Original source documents from Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, the official journal of the Research Society on Alcoholism. Including: PREGNANCY, PRENATAL EXPOSURE & PARENTING.
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Alcoholism - Detection of Alcohol Use in the Second Trimester Among Low-Income Pregnant Women in the Prenatal Care Settings in Jefferson County, Alabama
Prenatal alcohol use, a leading preventable cause of birth defects and developmental disabilities, remains a prevalent public health concern in the United States.
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Opoka (Poland) - FASD a współistniejące zaburzenia psychiczne
FASD - Poalkoholowe spektrum zaburzeń rozwojowych (Fetal Acohol Spectrum Disorder) - występuje u dzieci matek spożywających alkohol w okresie ciąży.
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Vitadidonna (Italy) - Alcol e gravidanza: basta evitare di bere per pochi mesi per proteggere il bambino
L'8 marzo, il giorno designato per celebrare le conquiste sociali delle donne, quest'anno sarà anche l'occasione per lanciare un messaggio alle donne sui danni fetali legati al consumo di alcol in gravidanza, un problema sociale spesso sottovalutato ma su cui è necessario fare luce, per promuovere una seria cultura della prevenzione.