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Sunday, June 16, 2013

WHO Director General Dr. Chan warns again against vested interests

For the third time within a few weeks the Director General of the World Health Organization has warned against the influence of vested interests in the formulation of global health policies. More than 900 participants from all over the world heard Dr. Chan use her opening speech at 8th the Health for All conference in Helsinki on the 12th of June to focus on conflict of interest in health promotion.

Dr. Chan made reference back to the 1980s: “…when we talked about multisectoral collaboration for health, we meant working together with friendly sister sectors. Like education, housing, nutrition, and water supply and sanitation. When the health and education sectors collaborate, when health works with water supply and sanitation, conflicts of interest are rarely an issue. Today, getting people to lead healthy lifestyles and adopt healthy behaviours faces opposition from forces that are not so friendly. Not at all”.   > > > >   Read More