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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Changes in personal networks of women in residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment

Changes in personal network composition, support and structure over 12 months were examined in 377 women from residential (n = 119) and intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment (n = 258) through face-to-face interviews utilizing computer based data collection.

Personal networks of women who entered residential treatment had more substance users, more people with whom they had used alcohol and/or drugs, and fewer people from treatment programs or self- help groups than personal networks of women who entered intensive outpatient treatment.

By 12 months post treatment intake, network composition improved for women in residential treatment; however, concrete support was still lower and substance users are still more prevalent in their networks. Network composition of women in outpatient treatment remained largely the same over time. Both groups increased cohesiveness within the network over 12 months.

Targeting interventions that support positive changes in personal networks may heighten positive long term outcomes for women entering treatment.

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