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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Global Actions: Commitments to Reduce Harmful Drinking. June 20, 2013


Global Actions in Focus
Pernod Ricard: responsib’all day 2013
The Global Actions newsletter will periodically feature best practices shared by our readers, including companies that are signatories of the Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers’ Commitments to Reduce Harmful Drinking. In this issue, we focus on Pernod Ricard and its work in one of the five key areas addressed by the Commitments: providing consumer information. We look forward to highlighting more examples from Commitments stakeholders over the course of 2013 and beyond.
In 2011, Pernod Ricard launched Responsib’All Day, a one-day event that promotes the sharing of good practices by utilizing company employees as ambassadors. Responsib’All Day focuses on highlighting yearlong Pernod Ricard initiatives and raises awareness about responsible drinking. Before Responsib’All Day was launched, Pernod Ricard conducted internal training seminars on specific issues, such as drink driving and consumption by youth. Since the start of this influential campaign, employees spread key messages about responsible drinking to communities by engaging local populations in schools, bars, and other public places.
Responsib’All Day 2013 took place on June 5, 2013, where 18,800 employees rallied to promote responsible drinking and informed consumers about the possible consequences of excessive alcohol consumption. This year, Pernod Ricard Argentina celebrated its third Responsib’All Day by tailoring their message to beverage alcohol retailers. Pernod Ricard employees trained 100 client representatives on how to prevent the sale of alcohol to underage youth. In its first Responsib’All Day, Pernod Ricard Nigeria discussed the consequences of drink driving with public transport drivers and passengers in Lagos. Employees also handed out flyers on responsible consumption of alcohol beverages to locals at a nearby mall.
During the worldwide event, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer Pierre Pringuet announced that Pernod Ricard will add a logo to the back label of all bottles produced by Pernod Ricard that recommends pregnant women abstain from consuming beverage alcohol. In 2006, Pernod Ricard became the first wine and spirits group to apply the logo to bottles distributed throughout Europe, yet Pernod Ricard’s goal is to expand this program to unambiguously inform pregnant women worldwide to abstain from consuming alcohol throughout their pregnancy.
Key Recent Milestones
· Colombia: On May 29, 2013, Yumbo Mayor Fernando Murgueitio and Global Actions signed an agreement to begin the Project Patrullero initiative in the city. The signing took place ahead of seminars held May 30 and 31, 2013, where 163 participants, which included municipal officials, police officers, and owners of licensed alcohol venues, received training on alcohol basics, Colombian drink driving laws, road traffic crash statistics, and sobriety checkpoint best practices.
What's Happening Next
· Mexico: ICAP Senior Vice President Brett Bivans will be meeting with Signatory Companies in Mexico from June 24 to 26, 2013 to discuss drink driving initiatives. Companies will also evaluate the programs currently in place and indentify how these programs can be sustained by local communities