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Monday, June 24, 2013

Alcohol News - 25/2013


BNN News (Latvia) - Alcohol buyers under the age of 25 will be required to present Ids
The Latvian Saeima has approved amendments to the Alcohol Circulation Law that will limit alcohol consumption rates among young people. Amendments state that buyers of alcoholic drinks who are 18 to 25 years old will be obligated to present IDs when buying alcohol.
Eurotopics (Estonia) - Policymakers must keep Estonians off booze
In the run-up to the Midsummer celebrations next weekend, the number of alcohol-related accidents has already risen in Estonia.
BBN (Lithuania) - Alcohol consumption at record high in Lithuania
Lithuania keeps suffering from net emigration, yet those who stay or return home are consuming ever more alcohol, writes news2biz LITHUANIA.
The Local (Sweden) - There's no such thing as a hangover 'cure': expert
With many Swedes nursing headaches on Saturday following an evening of revelry to celebrate Midsummer's Eve, one Swedish physician has brought some bad news - there is no such thing as a hangover cure.
The Local (Sweden) - Drunk men more likely to drown: study
Men are twice as likely as women to drown, according to a new study, with middle-aged men with alcohol in their bodies posing the greatest risk.
Jerusalem Post - Israeli-US research: Turning off brain trigger may prevent alcohol addictions
Israeli and US researchers were able to identify and deactivate a brain pathway linked to cravings for alcohol in rats.
Zee News (Turkey) - Turkey passes bill restricting alcohol sales, ads
Turkey's Parliament has passed legislation to ban all advertising of alcohol and tighten restrictions on sales in the mainly Muslim but secular country.
RT (Russia) - Legal vodka production falls by one-third in Russia
Production of Vodka decreased by 30% in May after the market was flooded with illegally made product following a rise in excise duty earlier this year.
Times LIVE (South Africa) - NGO calls for ban on drinks ads
Alcohol advertising encourages heavy drinking and puts people in danger of contracting HIV through risky sexual behaviour, according to Soul City.
Sin Chew Jit Poh (EU) - Women more at risk than men of smoking, drinking: study
Women who smoke and drink heavily are at a higher risk of early death than men who do the same, a study said Tuesday. Data taken from a Europe-wide survey of some 380,000 people aged 40 and older, revealed that women faced a disproportional risk from the already well-known ill effects of heavy alcohol and tobacco use.
WHO Europe (Europe) - New publication: Status report on alcohol and health in 35 European countries 2013
WHO/Europe has produced a new publication called "Status report on alcohol and health in 35 European countries 2013".
The (Germany) - German booze cheapest in Western Europe
Alcohol prices are much lower Germany than in most of the rest of the EU, new figures show, with a round of drinks only coming cheaper in three other EU states.
Wall Street Journal - Why She Drinks: Women and Alcohol Abuse
Women's growing predilection for wine has a darker side—and the only way to deal with it is to acknowledge the profound differences between how women and men abuse alcohol.
ITV News (Wales) - Alcohol awareness: Next generation learn of dangers
Future doctors have been teaching the next generation of adults about the dangers of alcohol - as figures show Wales has one of the worst records in Europe when it comes to the proportion of 15-year-olds getting drunk.
3AW (Australia) - Push to change legal drinking age from 18 to 21
Doctors and academics are heading to Canberra pushing for the legal drinking age to be lifted to 21.
The Australian (Australia) - Dear alcohol: one woman's heart-rending story
YOUR life is going well. And then WHAM, along comes some gut-wrenching news that rocks you to the core. I receive a call to say my ex is ill in hospital. Seriously ill. (China) - Chinese Adolescent Alcohol Use Similar to That of Western Countries
Adolescent and young adult alcohol use has long been a social problem. Young people who consume alcohol are more likely to have negative consequences from use, including accidents, injuries, exposure to violence, risky sexual activity, and experimentation with other substances.
Voxy (New Zealand) - 'Good number of submissions received' on alcohol policy
A total of 293 submissions on the draft Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) have already been received by the Christchurch City Council, as of midday today.