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Monday, May 27, 2013

Alcohol News - 21/2013


New Europe (Turkey) - The law is placing curbs on consumption and advertising

On 24 May, the Turkish anti-alcohol law was adopted by the national Parliament. According to critics, the adoption of the law is a sign of increasing conservative policies followed by the Turkish government. (Finland) - Baby boomers' alcohol "time bomb" set to hit Finland

Experts fear that retiring baby boomers may over indulge to such an extent that Finland could soon be forced to deal with a large cohort with unusually high levels of alcohol dependence. Incorporating messages about alcohol into basic healthcare will be key to fighting the problem.

Journal of Adolescent Research (Denmark) - Communicating Trust Between Parents and Their Children. A Case Study of Adolescents’ Alcohol Use in Denmark

This article discusses how Danish parents and their children communicate trust. Based on Niklas Luhmann’s sociological theory, the article explores new aspects of communication about alcohol-related rules.

New York Times (Turkey) - Turkey: Legislation Would Limit Sales of Alcohol and Ban Advertising for It

The Turkish Parliament passed legislation on Friday to ban advertising of alcohol. The measure also bans the sale of alcoholic drinks between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., except in tourist zones, and prohibits alcohol sales near mosques and schools.

TIME - If Drinking Starts at Puberty, It’s More Likely to Lead to Alcohol Problems

Taking your first drink in your early teens may put you at greater risk of developing alcohol problems later on, according to new research.

WAVE - Doctors warn against 'smoking' alcohol

There's a new trend in the bar scene that involves your favorite hard liquor and dry ice. Breathing in the alcohol vapors gets you buzzed fast and some say you don't ingest any empty calories.

The Guardian (UK) - Alcohol advertising on television to be reviewed

Ofcom has ordered a review into whether to cut the amount of alcohol advertising on TV, after finding that large numbers of children are tuning into shows such as The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, which are aimed at more adult audiences and could potentially carry alcohol ads under existing rules.

YLE News (Finland) - Greens vote for push to allow alcohol take-outs

The Green League’s congress has voted to support a proposal to allow restaurants to sell mild alcoholic beverages to drink off the premises. Party members also favoured a proposal that small breweries and farms that produce berry liqueurs should be allowed to sell their produce on the premises.

CTV News (Canada) - Survey finds N.S. youth more likely to try alcohol over drugs

Nova Scotia students in four selected grades who attend junior and senior high schools were more likely to try alcohol over drugs last year, a new survey says.

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Regulator seeks to put big alcohol promos in 'high-risk' basket

Discounts at bottle shops of more than 50 per cent off wine, beer and liquor will be classified as high-risk promotions likely to cause alcohol-related harm under tough draft guidelines by the liquor regulator. (Switzerland) - Alcohol abuse linked to domestic violence

Alcohol plays a role in many cases of domestic violence in Switzerland. Almost every second woman who is subject to abuse says that alcohol consumption is a problem in her relationship, according to a study. (Tanzania) - Alcohol Abuse On the Increase, House Told

TWENTY five per cent of males in Tanzania consume excessive alcohol, while the rate of females stood at 13.4 per cent, the National Assembly was told.

VtDigger (USA) - Health Dept. launches campaign: ‘049’ = Zero Alcohol for Nine Months of Pregnancy

A mother’s use of even small amounts of alcohol can cause health problems for her baby, a fact that many women and their health care providers may not realize. Drinking can affect development in the very first weeks – even before a woman knows she’s pregnant – and throughout pregnancy.

Herald Scotland (Scotland) - EU warned to respect ruling over drink price

BRUSSELS has been warned to listen to Scotland's senior judges after they ruled in favour of the Scottish Government's policy of minimum pricing for alcohol. (Scotland) - Drop in alcohol sales linked to law banning multi-buy promotions

The amount of alcohol sold per adult fell by 2.6% in Scotland in the year after the introduction of the Alcohol Act in October 2011, according to a report by NHS Health Scotland and the University of Glasgow.

SunLive (New Zealand) - Reduced hours for buying booze

Tauranga supermarkets could be forced to fence off their wine racks and beer chillers as the city looks at a proposal to reduce the hours for off-licences in the city’s suburbs.

Perth Now (Australia) - 'Alcopop' tax fails to deter teen binge drinking, raises $4.5 billion in revenue

AUSTRALIAN drinkers have spent $4.5 billion in "alcopop" taxes that have failed to curb teen binge drinking. A federally-funded study to be released today reveals the tax has not dinted the number of teenagers and young people with alcohol-related injuries.