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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Gender and Sexualities Conference - October 10-12, 2012

The aim of this conference is to examine these new developments within gender studies and explore their potential usefulness for socio-cultural research on gender and alcohol and drug consumption. For example, what are the possible contributions of contemporary theories of materiality, intersectionality or embodiment to alcohol and drug research? How are notions of masculinity and femininity constructed, experienced and acted out in alcohol and drug consumption? How do women and men “do gender” today through their alcohol and drug using practices?

Interested participants are invited to submit abstracts that are clearly related to the aims of the conference and adopt a theoretical approach to analyzing gender issues within alcohol and drug research. Potential papers, which examine and discuss empirical data are also most welcome, but must include a theoretical and analytical perspective.

Our aim is to attract researchers at different career levels, as well as more established researchers both from within the alcohol and drug fields as well as related research areas.

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