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Monday, July 2, 2012

Eurocare warns of alcohol-related cancer risks

The European Alcohol Policy Alliance has launched a new website to flag up the risks associated with alcohol consumption and cancer.

Alcohol is a carcinogenic (cancer causing) substance, yet only 1 in 5 people are aware of the risks that alcohol can bring. 10% of the total cancers in males and 3% of the total cancers in females are thought to be associated with alcohol consumption. A range of cancers are linked to alcohol, including liver cancer and prostate cancer. Any alcohol can increase the risk, so there isn't a "safer" alcoholic drink to gravitate to.

Other lifestyle behaviours, when combined with drinking alcohol, also can increase the risks - last year Cancer Research UK suggested 40% of cancers could be prevented by improved lifestyles. Alcohol can contribute to weight gain, which increases the risks of developing cancers of the oesophagus, pancreas, bowel, endometrium, kidney and breast. Smoking combined with drinking can increase the risks of developing cancers of the mouth and throat significantly. > > > > Read More