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Monday, September 2, 2013

Alcohol News - 35/2013

News of Iceland (Iceland) - The financial crash reduced smoking and alcohol consumption
The study aims to find out whether and how the economic crash influenced alcohol and tobacco consumption, specifically considering changes in the labour market, i.e. the reduction in the number of work hours and lowering of real income.
The Local (Norway) - Progress Party pledges to legalize moonshine
Norway's Progress Party has said it would end bans to poker, professional boxing, and home-distilled moonshine in a nakedly populist plan to remove 30 different prohibitions.
BMC Public Health (Sweden) - Prevalence of alcohol use before and during pregnancy and predictors of drinking during pregnancy: a cross sectional study in Sweden
The prevalence of drinking during pregnancy is relatively low in Sweden. However, 84% of the women report drinking in the year preceding pregnancy and most of these women continue to drink until pregnancy recognition, which means that they might have consumed alcohol in early pregnancy.
Radio Sweden (Sweden) - Alcohol tax to rise 13 per cent?
The Swedish government may increase tax on alcohol by 13 per cent, financial paper Dagens Industri reports, citing TV4.
Health Aim - Study: Drinking Prior to First Pregnancy Could Increase Breast Cancer Risk
Drinking just one drink with alcohol a day during the years prior to a woman’s first pregnancy could increase the risk of her developing breast cancer at a later stage in life, indicated a large study that was just published.
RT (UK) - 'Addicted man of Europe': Study says drug, alcohol addiction a crisis in UK
The UK is the addiction capital of Europe, with some of the highest rates of opiate and alcohol dependency as well as a worldwide hub for so-called ‘legal highs’. - Alcohol Disrupts Brain Links That Help Read Social Cues
Alcohol intoxication reduces the communication between the two areas of the brain that work together to properly interpret and respond to social signals, according to a new study.
HealthDay - Alcohol Dominates in Pop Music Lyrics: Study
Today's popular music often celebrates excessive drinking as a fun, beneficial pastime, even highlighting select booze brands in many lyrics, a new study finds.
Catholic Herald Online - Pope to young people: Avoid drug and alcohol culture
Fight off a drug- and alcohol-pushing culture and other hazardous trends sweeping across today’s world, Pope Francis has told young people. (South Africa) - South Africa: Proposed Alcohol Advertising Ban May Be Just the Start
Alcohol abuse is the third biggest cause of premature death in South Africa, and researchers argue a total ban on alcohol advertising should be just the start.
Monthly Prescribing Reference - Alcohol Consumption Tied to Endometriosis Risk
Alcohol consumption seems to be associated with increased endometriosis risk, according to a meta-analysis published in the August issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. (UK) - Society is being destroyed by UK's drink and drug addictions, warns think-tank
Think-tank The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) says addicts are buying class A drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine from mail order websites, and the UK has become a hub for websites peddling "legal highs" or "club drugs" such as Salvia or Green Rolex.
Times of Malta (Malta) - Should minimum drinking age be raised?
The adverse social and health consequences of excessive drinking are well known. The battle to tackle anti-social drinking in modern, more affluent societies like ours has to start early if it is to be successful.
The Press (New Zealand) - Alcohol-related harm the focus for policy
A new one-way door policy stopping people from entering bars after 1am could become compulsory from December, says Marlborough alcohol advisory committee member John Leggett.
Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Alcohol-related fatalities fall 13%
THE number of people in Scotland dying from alcohol-related diseases has fallen to its lowest level since the 1990s.
About - News & Issues (USA) - Colleges Failing at Curbing Binge Drinking
If you are sending children off to college this year you may not find much comfort in the fact that most colleges are failing miserably in trying to curtail dangerous binge drinking on campus and in their communities.