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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The impact of twelve-step program familiarity and its in-session discussion on counselor credibility.

The therapeutic relationship is an important factor in substance abuse treatment. Because Twelve-Step Program (TSP) concepts and principles are often incorporated into substance abuse treatment, we investigated whether counselor familiarity and time spent on TSPs impact counselor credibility.
 A sample of 180 clients receiving residential treatment in the capital region of a northeastern state in 2009 completed a Client Demographic Questionnaire and the Counselor Rating Form - Short Version. Their counselors (N = 31) completed a corresponding Counselor Demographic Questionnaire.
The effect of the estimated percentage of in-session time discussing TSPs (p = .010) and the effect of TSP familiarity for counselors in recovery (p = .017) had significant effects on counselor credibility.
The credibility of counselors is important for a working relationship with clients. These results highlight counselor influence stemming from a TSP presence in treatment, indicating positive ramifications for the therapeutic relationship.

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