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Monday, August 12, 2013

'Stick to the facts': Alcohol Concern call for tougher regulation on alcohol advertising

Alcohol Concern have called for a major shake up of the alcohol advertising regulation framework to achieve a better balance between public health concerns and commercial freedoms.
The 'Stick to the facts' report says advertising creates social norms around alcohol and promotes the normalisation of drinking in society. Exposure to alcohol marketing is linked to consumption, particularly in the under 18's. In light of the growing body of evidence, Alcohol Concern argue that a sensible policy response is needed and call for a ban on advertising at all sporting, cultural and music events.
Young people involved in YAAC (Youth Alcohol Advertising Council) reported minors are exposed to content which appeals to them, particularly via social media, and how advertisers make associations with prohibited themes despite the current regulations. The report also claims that alcohol advertisers are exploiting weak rules, particularly around digital and internet advertising. > > > >  Read More