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Monday, August 12, 2013

Alcohol News - 32/2013


  - Using alcohol to self medicate increases addiction risk
Using alcohol as though it were a medication -- to ease feelings of depression -- are more likely to become alcohol dependent, U.S. researchers say. - Higher cigarette tax leads to lower alcohol consumption!
While people may think, that since that one intoxication could be substituted by another – a rise in cigarette taxes could lead to an increase in alcohol consumption. However, a recent study in the US says higher cigarette tax can also lead to less alcohol consumption among smokers.
Daily News & Analysis (India) - Kids as young as 11 getting introduced to alcohol: Rajeshwari Luther
Alcoholism and drug addiction are assuming epidemic proportions and we are not doing enough, said Rajeshwari Luther, director of Hyderabad-based Hope Trust that has been offering treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction for a decade now.
Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) - Turkish authority introduces ‘Alcohol is not your friend’ tag on bottles
Signs warning about the possible harms of alcohol consumption will be placed on the bottles of alcoholic beverages within 10 months, according to a statement published in the Official Gazette Aug. 11.
Daily Mail (UK) - Over-65 drinkers in health alert: Doctors call for alcohol safety levels to be halved for pensioners
Doctors and public health experts said heavy drinking among the elderly was a ‘hidden problem’ and safe limit guidelines for over-65s should be halved.
BBC News (UK) - North East experts renew minimum alcohol price call
North East England has been "let down" by plans to introduce minimum alcohol pricing being shelved, experts said.
The Japan Times (USA) - Alcohol linked to many deaths of pedestrians
Just as drinking and driving can be deadly, so can drinking and walking. Over a third of U.S. pedestrians killed in 2011 had blood alcohol levels above the legal limit for driving, government data show.
Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - Doctors hail minimum alcohol price
A minimum price of at least 50p should be set for small amounts of alcohol in Northern Ireland, doctors said. Some drink are sold for less than the cost of water but the health service bill may be as high as £160 million a year, research showed.
Coventry Telegraph (UK) - Barbecue boozing leads to spike in alcohol-related violence in Coventry
Police in Coventry are warning that increased barbecue boozing has led to a spike in alcohol-related violence.
MetroNews Canada (Canada) - Alcohol costs exceed revenues in B.C., study shows
A group of researchers is calling for a sober second look at alcohol policies in B.C. after finding the costs associated with booze far outweigh the revenues it brings in.
Arutz Sheva (Israel) - Recommendation: Raise the Age for Buying Alcohol to 21
A special committee of the Health Ministry has recently formulated a series of new recommendations to reduce excess consumption of alcohol and the resulting drunkedness, violence and auto accidents, according to a Thursday-evening report by Channel 2 Television.
World Bulletin (Turkey) - Turkish state to cover alcohol, drug addiction treatment expenses
The costs of drug and alcohol Addiction treatment will be covered by the state as part of a new joint initiative by the Health Ministry and the Social Security Institution (SGK).
The Border Mail (Australia) - Govt bid to recoup cost of drunken behaviour
People may have to pay for the costs they incur to the state while drunk if an "abuser pays" system recommended by the Auditor-General is adopted by the NSW government.
TVNZ (New Zealand) - Bars want drunks fined, police shun idea
Wellington bar owners are urging the city council to introduce fines for drunks on the streets but police say earlier closing times for bars is the best way to curb alcohol problems.
TimesLive (South Africa) - Booze ad ban is 'on track'
A proposal that alcohol advertising be banned has been approved by an inter-ministerial committee on substance abuse.
The Local (Sweden) - Systembolaget bans beer with grenade logo
Sweden's state controlled alcohol monopoly has ruled out distributing the Welsh export 'Fubar' beer due its label featuring a hand grenade and bullet holes.
TISPOL (Estonia) - Estonian police: zero tolerance for drink-driving
Police in Estonia took severe measures to prevent drink driving during the recent midsummer festivities. Many drink drivers were detained and taken to court. Midsummer Day is one of the biggest national holidays on June 23rd and 24th and sadly it often involves alcohol related problems such as drink driving, road deaths and serious injuries.
Alcohol and Alcoholism - Defining Substance Use Disorders: Do We Really Need More Than Heavy Use?
‘Heavy substance use over time’ seems to be a definition of substance use disorders in line with results of basic research and epidemiology. Additionally, it reduces stigmatization. This approach should thus be further explored. (Lithuania) - Former Lithuanian prime minister takes part in discussions on extra stickers on tax stamps
As a consultant for a firm making security labels, Adolfas Šleževičius, a former prime minister of Lithuania, is taking part in discussions at the Finance Ministry about putting additional stickers on cigarette packs and alcoholic drinks as anti-counterfeit protection for tax stamps, the daily Lietuvos Rytas reports.
TIME (Africa) - Africa’s Drinking Problem: Alcoholism on the Rise as Beverage Multinationals Circle
In Kenya, depending on whom you ask, John Mututho is either a hero or a villain, but in a country consuming ever more alcohol, he is certainly a household name. In 2010, Mututho won a battle with the beverage industry to implement Kenya’s first alcohol-control act.