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Saturday, August 24, 2013

'Making recovery a reality through integrated mental health, drug and alcohol services'

A recent briefing on mental health, drug and alcohol services urges commissioners to tackle the poorly integrated support received by those with overlapping substance misuse and mental health needs, or 'dual diagnosis'. 
DdsThe two page report was produced by The Centre for Mental Health, Drugscope and Alcohol Concern.
The briefing explores the idea of 'recovery', the new commissioning landscape and opportunities for improving services. It highlights five recommended actions:
  • First, that health and wellbeing boards should include people with both mental health conditions and substance misuse problems in joint strategic needs assessments.
  • Second, that joint health and wellbeing strategies should focus on the groups whose needs are least well met.
  • Third, that health and wellbeing boards should nominate a 'recovery lead' to build up local partnerships to support neglected groups of people.
  • Fourth, that clinical commissioning groups and directors of public health should ensure they jointly commission integrated support for people with overlapping mental health and substance use problems.
  • And finally that both sets of services focus on helping people to achieve recovery on their own terms.  > > > >  Read More