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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Drinkaware 2012 report reviews impact of activities - but will health groups be convinced?

The industry funded alcohol education charityDrinkaware has released a 2012 impact report, detailing its recent activities and reported impacts on target groups. Report here (pdf).
Drinkaware's existence not surprisingly divides opinions; some health groups are sceptical of indsutry led intiatives, or raise concerns over a policy focus on education based approaches. Earlier this year anindependent audit gave Drinkaware a mixed review of its impact over recent years.
Regardless, Drinkaware have the lion's share of the 'alcohol awareness market' with a far greater web presence than say the NHS Choices alcohol pages. The report highlights four million people visited the Drinkaware website in 2012 and front-line public services used 1 million of their factsheets, unit and calorie wheels and unit measure cups.  > > > >  Read More