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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Global Actions: Commitments to Reduce Harmful Drinking. August 7, 2013

Global Actions in Focus
Q&A with mrs. lan hyong nguyen
drink driving initiatives in vietnam
Mrs. Lan Hyong Nguyen joined ICAP in October 2010 as the Country Manager for the Global Actions on Harmful Drinking initiatives in Vietnam. Before joining ICAP, she was the Country Manager for the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) Vietnam. As Country Manager for Global Actions, she is responsible for assisting and advising ICAP in the implementation of the Drink Driving and Self-Regulation initiatives in Vietnam. Below, she gives us an inside look on the development and evolution of the drink driving initiatives in Vietnam, including the public education workshop that took place on July 29 and 30, 2013, in Vinh City, Nghe An province, Vietnam.
How are the materials developed for the workshop in Vinh City?
Global Actions developed capacity building modules for pilot training that was conducted in Da Nang, Vietnam in February 2010. The modules are based on good practice guidelines and tools developed by international experts. In addition, a cross-functional senior advisory group provided independent scientific and implementation advice to the Drink Driving Initiative and assisted in designing the initiative and training events. Our Vietnamese partners and experts from the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC), the Ministry of Transport (MOT), and the Ministry of Public Security (MOPS) contributed valuable comments and ideas to localize the training materials.
What type of training did the participants receive and how will they utilize this training in Vinh City and surrounding areas?
In partnership with the NTSC, the public education workshop took place on July 29 and 30, 2013, in Vinh City, Nghe An province, Vietnam. The training focused on building skills and communication campaigns to improve community awareness of harmful drinking. More than 100 individuals attended the opening event, and 60 participants attended the two-day capacity building workshop including leaders from the Nghe An Department of Transportation, local radio and television stations, and managers and staff in the media sector. The workshop also aimed to equip participants from Vinh City and neighboring areas to identify, design, and implement effective media campaigns focused on the prevention of harmful drinking.
Participants from the Vinh City Workshop on July 30, 2013
What role did Commitments signatories or industry-funded groups play in the workshop?
Diageo and the Vietnam Beer, Alcohol and Beverage Association (VBA) participated in the opening ceremony of the event on July 29. This level of engagement by both organizations demonstrated how partnerships with industry sponsors are vital to the success of any drink driving initiative.
How did this workshop differ from previous events?
The Public Awareness Campaign Development Workshop is the first workshop in the initiative to address drink driving conditions in Nghe An, but builds on and follows the successful implementation of the Global Actions pilot program in the city of Da Nang. We are focused on developing media campaigns and oral communication skills to further improve community awareness of harmful drinking and road safety. The NTSC also discussed how they will be utilizing campaign materials to promote safe driving habits, including raising awareness of self-regulation to reduce road traffic crashes and fatalities. In addition, the Nghe An Province Traffic Safety Committee committed to implement the drink driving awareness program and will continue to expand the initiative throughout the province.
How has this initiative grown and developed?
Since the Global Actions Drink Driving Initiative began in Da Nang, the traffic police have improved their effectiveness in enforcing drink driving laws. After completing Phase One of the Drink Driving Initiative, we are confident that the Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) will be able to develop education and enforcement campaigns, as well as implement these initiatives with local partners.
In partnership with the NTSC, the Global Actions Drink Driving Initiative has supervised the Da Nang TSC to organize project management teams at the provincial and district levels as well as outline the specific responsibilities of each partner involved in the project. We are also utilizing the knowledge that we gained from capacity building workshops to develop area-specific drink driving campaigns. The National Economics University performed an independent evaluation of the drink driving campaigns in Da Nang which shows that these initiatives have been effective in changing the knowledge and initial behavior toward responsible drinking habits and drink driving.
Chief of the National Road Safety Commission Mr. Nguyen Trong Thai opened the workshop in Vinh City
What future workshops are planned and what is the focus of these training events?
There is a public education workshop in Thanh Hoa Province scheduled for August 16 and 17, 2013. The focus of the workshop will also be developing communication skills to promote road safety and proper driving patterns. We are also planning two drink driving enforcement workshops for the traffic police of Nghe An and Thanh Hoa provinces in September and October 2013. These workshops will help law enforcement officers develop drink driving enforcement and safety check point skills, as well as demonstrate how to properly utilize breathalyzers. After the training is complete, Global Actions Drink Driving Initiative project teams will develop local drink driving campaigns in Da Nang, Nghe An, and Thanh Hoa.
Key Recent Milestones
· India: Global Actions hosted a capacity building workshop for 14 state police officials from Goa, Jharkhand, and Haryana on August 2, 2013.
What's Happening Next
· Nigeria: A health education intervention will be taking place in Lagos, Nigeria, beginning this week and ending during the week of August 19, 2013. The intervention will be carried out by the staff and volunteers of Strap and Safe Child Initiative. Participants will pass out health education materials, including shirts and posters, at carnivals in Apapa Park.