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Friday, July 19, 2013

Government confirms no minimum pricing or multi-buy ban as health groups left reeling; Sheffield research assesses pricing impact on groups

The Government has confirmed it will not be introducing minimum unit pricing (MUP) in publishing its response to the alcohol strategy consultation. A proposed ban on multi-buy promotions has also been dropped, but previous plans for a 'below cost ban' have been resurrected, meaning alcohol will not be sold at lower than duty+VAT to 'stop the worst cases of heavy discounting'. 
In 2012 the Government's new alcohol strategy announced it would "introduce a new minimum unit price". However by 2013 it was stating it was listening to "powerful arguments on both sides" following consultation on a 45 pence MUP and other measures. Health bodies and other supporters, including Tory MP Sarah Wollaston, leveled that the Government had given in to industry lobbying.  > > > >  Read More