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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mental health and substance abuse treatment in America

Curbside Consult Host Harold Pollack talks with Stanford University's Keith Humphreys, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, about mental health and substance abuse coverage in the United States ... and how individuals can expect coverage of their treatment will change as the Affordable Care Act takes effect.
"In Part 1, Keith and I discuss common fallacies about who receives the lion’s share of mental health and substance abuse treatment in America. They also talk about the link between substance abuse and crime. The two researchers also compare notes on Alcoholics Anonymous and its efficacy.

In Part 2, I talk with Keith about the “pre-story” of mental health reform, including Humphreys’ involvement in a 12-year fight for mental health parity.

In Part 3, we discuss the impact and importance of Obamacare on mental health and substance abuse coverage for Medicare enrollees. They also discuss briefly whether the expansion of mental health services helps decrease the incidence of violent crime.

In Part 4, we look at challenges for states in delivery of mental health services. The two also talk about whether there’s capacity within the system to deal with expanded Medicaid coverage of treatment services."