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Monday, May 20, 2013

Alcohol News - 20/2013

Science Nordic (Sweden) - Sick Swedes keep on swigging

Even though alcohol consumption can delay a return to work, a new survey shows that Swedes like their liquor, particularly at sporting events, and even when they are on sick leave.

Addiction (Norway) - The collectivity of drinking cultures: is the theory applicable to African settings?

Skog's theory of collective drinking behaviour implies that countries with a strict informal social control of drinking alcohol would not exhibit ‘collective displacement’ of consumption (a linear association between population mean consumption and percentile values across the full range of the distribution), as do countries with less informal social control.

Postimees (Estonia) - Consumption of alcohol in Estonia did not change last year – study

The consumption of alcohol by residents of Estonia did not change in 2012 compared to the previous year, averaging 10.6 liters of pure alcohol per capita, it appears from the fresh alcohol market survey by the Estonian Institute of Economic Research (EKI).

Al-Arabiya (Egypt) - Egypt faces social pressure to end alcohol sales

Egypt’s liquor stores are under growing pressure to stop selling alcohol, they say, not from the country’s Islamist government, but from society itself.

Healio - Adolescents' first drink tied to alcohol-related problems in adulthood

Adolescents who have their first drink during puberty are more likely to develop frequent drinking habits later in life, results from a new study show.

Newstalk 106-108 fm (Ireland) - Irish Alcohol consumption drops by 20% in 12 years

The alcohol consumption in Ireland has fallen by 20% over 12 years, with the idea that all Irish people now drink to excess now believed to be far from the truth.

The Guardian (UK) - Parliament too alcohol fuelled, say MPs

One in four MPs thinks parliament, where the price of alcohol is subsidised, has an unhealthy drinking culture.

EurActiv (EU) - EU's alcohol strategy needs further push, MEPs say

Europeans are the heaviest drinkers in the world and in some EU member states, such as Luxembourg and the Czech Republic, the alcohol consumption is 2.5 times more than what an average person in the world drinks. The Commission's new strategy on alcohol, to be published later this year, has to better address the issue of alcohol-related harm, MEPs say.

TIME (USA) - Safety Board Recommends Defining Legally Drunk With Lower Blood Alcohol Level

The government wants to drop the blood alcohol limit for being legally drunk in order to avoid drunk driving fatalities.

TIME (USA) - Task Force Recommends Screening All Adults for Alcohol Misuse

Questions about alcohol use should be a part of regular physical checkups, according to a panel of experts. - Alcohol advertising pre-disposes young people to have favorable attitudes toward drinking

The alcohol industry has developed and regulates its own guidelines regarding advertising. A new study has investigated the ability of panels to find consensus around code violations.

FRANCE 24 (Turkey) - Turkish parliament considers bill limiting alcohol sales

Turkey's parliament is reviewing a bill that would restrict alcohol sales, including banning purchases at educational, sports and health institutions. The bill has the beverage industry worried, including Diageo, owner of Turkey’s leading raki brand. (USA) - Study: Female college students abuse alcohol more than men

New research shows that female college student drinkers exceed National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) guidelines for weekly drinking more frequently than their male counterparts.

WSYM-TV - New Study Finds Alcohol Increases Risk of Breast Cancer

A lot of us unwind after a tough day with a drink, but sobering new research says just a few of those a week, could put some women's health at risk.

Medical Daily - Mixing Excessive Alcohol And Smoking Can Make Your Brain Old Before Its Time

A new study found that heavy drinkers who smoke excessively develop problems with memory, thinking and problem solving skills earlier than those who do not.

Tribune-Review (USA) - Hagel believes alcohol is ‘a very big factor’ in many of military’s sexual assault and harassment cases

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Friday ordered the military to recertify all 25,000 people involved in programs designed to prevent and respond to sexual assault, an acknowledgement that assaults have escalated beyond the Pentagon's control.

MADD - Get the Facts on Privatized Alcohol Sales-MADD Canada Releases Newly-Updated Alcohol Policy Paper

MADD Canada is pleased to share its newly-updated alcohol policy paper, "Provincial Liquor Boards: Meeting the Best Interests of Canadians." The paper supports the role of provincial liquor boards and outlines the negative health and public safety impacts associated with privatized alcohol sales.