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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Alcohol News - 12/2013


The Nordic Page (Norway) - Women are Drinking More

Norwegian women drink more and more and they are about to take over the men’s drinking patterns, according to VG. Twenty years ago, men drank four times as much as women, but now men drink twice as much as women. General Secretary of Actis (Norwegian Policy Network on Alcohol and Drugs), Anne Karin Kolstad says there are many factors that can explain the growing trend among women.

MSN News (Norway) - Experts: Alcohol isn't a cure-all, so hold off

"People have several motives for drinking alcohol, but most evidence today indicates that health is not a valid argument," author Hans Olav Fekjaer, a psychiatrist in Oslo, Norway, told Reuters Health by email.

Felixdecat (Sweden) - Consumer Report 2010: The Swedish Alcohol Is Falling

Swedes drink less alcohol, while at the same time, the Swedish retail monopoly on alcohol sales are statistics and statistics show that Sweden, the consumption of alcohol is increasing.

The Copenhagen Post (Denmark/Sweden) - Cheaper beer – and more Swedes – on the horizon

As part of the negotiations over the government’s new growth plan, Vækstplan Danmark, opposition parties have demanded a cut in taxes on beer and soft drinks. (Finland) - Rise in alcohol tax sharply divides opinion

The Federation of the Brewing and Soft Drinks Industry (FBSDI) is wondering why they are being punished with the new tax hikes, while the Substance Abuse Prevention Association (EHYT ry) says that fears of “booze tourism” to neighbouring countries are overstated.

Bangkok Post (Thailand) - Alcohol consumption report released

A new study claims that the average Thai aged 15 and older consumes 7.1 litres of pure alcohol per year. The study by the Centre for Alcohol Studies says the number of retail shops selling alcohol has increased by 120,000 in the past 10 years.

Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - 300 deaths 'down to alcohol misuse'

More than 300 people died last year as a result of alcohol misuse, Northern Ireland's most senior doctor has revealed.

The Independent (UK) - David Cameron 'ignoring compelling evidence' that dearer alcohol would save lives

David Cameron will be guilty of ignoring compelling medical evidence if he decides to abandon plans to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol, the Government's own public health advisers warned today.

Interfax (Ukraine) - Ukraine from May 1 introduces new excise labels for alcohol, cigarettes, increases their price by 2.6 times

The Ukrainian government has decided from May 1, 2013 to introduce new excise labels on alcohol and tobacco and increase their price by 2.6 times.

Huffington Post - Brain-Alcohol Study Reveals How Drinking Disrupts Hand-Eye Coordination

Anyone who's failed a sobriety test will tell you that making coordinated movements while drunk is hard, and a new study explains why. Alcohol appears to disrupt connections between the brain's visual and muscle control regions.

Futurity: Research News - Freshman brains change with images of alcohol

Connections among brain regions involved in emotion processing and cognitive control may change with increased exposure to alcohol and alcohol-related cues during the first year of college.

AnaesthesiaUK (UK) - Increase in alcohol-related cancers despite well-established link

A new report from the Alcohol Health Alliance UK (AHA) has found that hospital admissions for alcohol-related cancer in England have jumped 28% in just 8 years.

Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Alcohol bracelet set to transform child protection

A SOBRIETY bracelet that has revolutionised child protection cases looks set to become part of Scotland's arsenal in its war against alcohol and crime problems.

The Daily Telegraph - Energy drinks make boozers more aggressive, as drinkers start boozing at home

MIXING energy drinks with alcohol and drugs may lead to increased levels of violence, a new study suggests. They become more intoxicated as the night progresses and fuel their partying with energy drinks. (Australia) - Reduce pub trading hours, fix violence

TRADING hours at pubs and clubs should be reduced to curb alcohol-fuelled violence, a major national study has concluded.