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Friday, January 25, 2013

Reducing the alcohol and drug toll: Victoria's plan 2013 - 2017

The Minister for Mental Health, the Hon. Mary Wooldridge has released Reducing the alcohol and drug toll. Victoria’s plan 2013 – 2017. This is Victoria’s first whole of government strategy to reduce the impact of alcohol and drug abuse on the Victorian community.

The plan sets out how the Victorian Government will work with the community to bring down the alcohol and drug toll and deliver better health outcomes to thousands of Victorians who want to recover from the harm associated with alcohol misuse and drug use.

The Victorian Government is working to reduce the rates of risky drinking and drug use, and the toll of deaths, disease, injury, crime and other social costs from the misuse of alcohol and drugs.

Reducing the alcohol and drug toll sets out a 15-point plan that provides a comprehensive response to the three major drug types, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs and illegal drugs. It also focuses on care, treatment and recovery as well as strengthening leadership and coordinated action in reducing the alcohol and drug toll.  > > > >  Read More