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Friday, January 25, 2013

Global Actions January 24, 2013

Key Recent Milestones:

· Worldwide: ICAP attended the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Commission on Marketing and Advertising meeting held in Paris on January 16 and 17, 2013. The meeting set forth a “digital economy” work plan for 2013 and agreed to develop a beverage alcohol framework to support the ICAP Guiding Principles.

Global Actions in Focus: ICAP Translated Materials

The recently announced commitments, “Reducing Harmful Use of Alcohol: Beer, Wine, and Spirits Producers Commitments” are now available in six languages: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Russian. Most ICAP publications are available online, and many have been translated in part or in full into several languages.

spanish.jpgMany of ICAP’s policy tools were recently translated from English into other languages. You can now read the Toolkit for Working Together in French, German, and Spanish.

ICAP Issues Briefings address specific topics relevant to alcohol policy, providing a succinct overview of key evidence. ICAP recommends that the Issues Briefings be used in conjuction with ICAP's other Policy Tools, including the ICAP Blue Book and ICAP Policy Guides.

Taxation of Beverage Alcohol, for example, is now available to read in French, Russian, and Spanish. Alcohol Marketing and Young People has been translated into French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Determinants of Drinking is now available in French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

ICAP Issues Briefings are updated on an ongoing basis. Visit the website regularly as more translated materials become available.

What’s Happening Next:

· Thailand: Thailand’s Population and Community Development Association (PDA), the Thai Foundation for Responsible Drinking (TFRD), and ICAP will be reviewing activities from the community drink driving project and implementing training through January and February 2013.