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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Deluded World of Addiction Experts - Addiction experts are deniers of reality!

Following are five key ways in which addiction experts demonstrate this detachment from the most self-evident truths about addiction, and what causes their addiction delusions.

I. Most People Get Over Addiction. I have driven home the points revealed by the NIAAA’s NESARC research – the largest study of alcoholism ever conducted – ad nauseam. Three quarters of people overcome alcoholism, far and away most often without treatment, most without abstaining. The research led the NIAAA to announce its discovery that “alcoholism isn’t what it used to be,” reversing decades of the NIAAA's forceful adherence to disease and abstinence memes. Meanwhile, the NIDA’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows that peak abuse of and dependence on drugs and alcohol occurs from ages 18 to 25, and declines by a third after age 25, and by half after age 30.   > > > >  Read More