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Monday, October 1, 2012

Alcohol News - 40/2012 (Finland) - Easy availability of alcohol increases risky drinking among the working aged
Moving to live near an on-site alcohol outlet increases the likelihood of risky alcohol behaviour. Moving further away may in turn decrease risky drinking. This was the conclusion of a recent Finnish study on the effect of the distance between home and an alcohol outlet on risky alcohol behaviour.
Healthy Living (Sweden) - Heredity behind subjective effects of alcohol
‘The experience of every person to alcohol is an important tool to understand why some people develop alcoholism and may be an indicator in itself to find out how alcohol a person can develop. Our discovery is part of the work prevention that can help a certain group of people who are at risk of drinking too much alcohol. (USA) - African-American youth seeing more alcohol ads
Young African-Americans are being exposed to substantially more ads for alcohol than the rest of their peers, according to report by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
NPR - Mini-Counseling Sessions Can Curb Problem Drinking
Brief counseling from primary care doctors reduces "risky" drinking, defined as having more than four drinks a day for men, three for women, a federal task force says. (Australia) - Survey shows growing support for ban on alcohol until 21
ONE in three people believe that the legal drinking age should be lifted from 18 to 21, a new survey has found.
BBC News (UK) - UK government to back Scotland on minimum alcohol pricing
The UK government is to back the Scottish government when its minimum alcohol pricing legislation is challenged in the courts.
Times Online (EU) - Minimum alcohol pricing is delayed as Europe mulls over free trade
SNP Ministers’ attempts to introduce a minimum price for alcohol could be delayed after questions over their legality were raised in Europe.
General Surgery News - Alcohol Use Disorder Increases in Second Year After Bariatric Surgery
The prevalence of alcohol use disorder (AUD) increases in the second year after bariatric surgery compared with the year prior to surgery and postoperative year 1 (POY 1), according to a study in JAMA (2012;307:2516-2525).
Irish Times (Ireland) - Fears for future of Shortall's alcohol strategy
CAMPAIGNERS AGAINST alcohol abuse say there is “huge concern” for the future of the Government’s plan to tackle the issue following the resignation of Róisín Shortall.
Radio Prague (Chech Republic) - Czech government eases ban on liquor sales
Czech authorities believe they have the methanol crisis under control, and they have eased the ban on spirits sales. As of Thursday afternoon, hard liquor produced before 2012 can be sold without restrictions. But the government has also warned that the risk of poisoning is still very high as another two patients with methanol intoxication have been admitted to hospital over the last 24 hours. (Thailand) - Thais prefer alcohol to milk
Residents of Thailand consume alcoholic beverages at a 3-to-1ratio over milk, a national campaign for healthy alternatives said.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Sharp rise in drug and alcohol use in arrested people – study
A large number of people detained by police are drunk or on drugs at the time of their arrest, a new report shows.
Medical Xpress - Effect of behavioral intervention on alcohol misuse evaluated
Behavioral counseling interventions may be beneficial for adults with risky drinking behaviors, according to a review and meta-analysis published online Sept. 25 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
The Guardian (Scotland) - Charity to support Scottish government in legal battle over alcohol price
A campaigning charity has won the right to support the Scottish government in its legal battle with drinks manufacturers that oppose the introduction of minimum pricing.
MedPage Today - Family Benefits From Treating Alcoholism
Treating alcohol addiction reduces its burden on the family budget and improves life for those who live with alcoholic patients, German researchers found.
Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - Health secretary Alex Neil: We'll show EU minimum pricing on alcohol is justified
SCOTTISH Health Secretary Alex Neil last night insisted the Government will win their battle with Euro bigwigs in Brussels over minimum booze pricing plans.
Washington Post (Russia) - Drunken driving tragedy forces Russia to think hard about safety on its roads
It took a weekend road tragedy to jolt Russia into action over one of its most deadly threats: a chronic culture of drunken driving.
New Vision - Alcohol’s effects are more than intoxicating
Alcohol has been named the world’s third greatest risk factor in the development of premature disease. This seemingly innocent drink is a staple in social gatherings but its effects often spills over into society as a whole.
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