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Monday, October 8, 2012

London alcohol reports: Alcohol consumption in the night-time economy; Alcohol treatment pathways and outcomes

Two new alcohol reports for London have been released:

Alcohol Consumption in the Night Time Economy (NTE)

A new report from GLAEconomics assesses the most effective ways to mitigate costs associated with alcohol in the NTE. It is combined with an economic tool which estimates pros and cons for each London Local Authority.
    • Section 1: What is the night-time economy (NTE) and what are the associated problems?
    • Section 2: Why does the NTE generate these costs?
    • Section 3: What to consider before developing a NTE policy?
    • Section 4: What policy tools can reduce the problems associated with the NTE?
    Download Alcohol consumption in the night-time economy.pdf or the summary and methodology.pdf. You can also access a pros and cons tool.xls. A recent report offered guidance on tackling NTE alcohol problems, or see our NTE categories list of posts.

    Alcohol treatment: pathways and outcomes
    In 2011 a London Alcohol Practitioners Forum event explored the variation between alcohol treatment pathways in London and how these could be improved. The report explores pathways, examples and outcome measures including Payment by Results (PbR):
    Alcohol treatment: pathways and outcomes - a report of the practitioners event supported by the GLA, LDAN, LDAPF and other partners [pdf]s  > > > >   Read More