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Monday, October 8, 2012

Introducing FISD: Local alcohol and drug prevention in Sri Lanka

FISD recently celebrated their first anniversary, as the organization was founded only one year ago, in August 2012. The anniversary was used to launch a new Newsletter and the FISD web site. FISD was founded in the wake of the re-organization of FORUT’s programs in Sri Lanka, and the organization is now a partner to FORUT.

Alcohol, Drugs and Development is one of FISD’s three program areas, together with Child Rights Protection and Gender & Development. As the name indicates, FISD has specialized in civil society participation and social mobilization as a development strategy. The aim is to enhance the status of women, to build a healthy environment for children, and to create a society free from alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.
Issue number two of the FISD newsletter gives some examples from local alcohol and drug prevention activities. Download the ADD presentation here.
Here is a more detailed presentation of the alcohol and drug prevention work of FISD.
FISD explains their approach: “While development has become a main area of concern for many government and nongovernmental organizations, the main focus at present tends to be on physical and infrastructure development. There are limited expertise and programs concerning social development, an integral part of improving the quality of life of the people, which in turn is a key aspect of development.
Recognizing this need for expertise and programs in the area of social development, we have identified three key areas of interest and have developed expertise concentrating on these areas, namely, the prevention of drugs and alcohol, the protection and promotion of child rights, and women and development (with particular focus on the prevention of gender based violence).
In addition working with civil society organizations, we facilitate the mobilization of the communities, enabling them to advocate for improvement in these areas. One of the special features of our programs is that they take an innovative approach based on evidence and research.”