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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Conference - Alcohol Law Enforcement Reducing drunkness and over-serving related violence.

Date: November 15-16,  2012
Location: Folket hus, Stockholm

Limited number of participants.

The aim of the conference is to spread knowledge on reducing excessive youth drinking by alcohol law enforcement. When we look at the enforcement field we can distinguish two important perspectives: The perspective of the policy maker and the perspective of the enforcement officer. Those two points of view are the basis of the conference and have been translated into the program. The specific goal of the conference is to bring health and enforcement experts on alcohol closer together. There are many examples of how both disciplines can cooperate in order to create better prevention policies. This conference will deliver to its participants a good understanding of a successful and integrated alcohol enforcement policy approach.

Content of the conference
The theme of the conference is combatting over-serving and public drunkenness. Several enforcement experts from Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Lithuania, Switzerland and the US are invited to inform us about their practical experiences and strategies. 

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