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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alcohol News - 30/2012

YLE News (Finland) - Seniors also get rowdy at summer events
The summer concert season has its fair share of rowdy conduct. Uncouth deportment by senior festival patrons often outstrips that of their younger counterparts.
The (Sweden) - Ikea uncaps new beer: no assembly required
Swedish furniture giant Ikea has released a new addition to its global product range - light and dark own-brand beer - though shoppers in Sweden will have to wait before they can have a taste due to the country's liquor laws.
The (Sweden) - Police told not to 'waste' bootleg booze
Police in western Sweden have been ordered to cease pouring seized alcoholic drinks down the drain due to the risk of poisoning the local water supply.
Businessweek - Alcohol Harms Thinking in Older Adults, Researchers Say
Certain types of alcohol use after age 65 may affect memory and thinking, according to two studies that raise new questions about earlier research that suggested drinking may stymie cognitive decline.
CBS News (USA) - 1 in 13 pregnant women drink alcohol, CDC says
Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is the leading preventable cause of birth defects and developmental disabilities in children, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Wall Street Journal (South Korea) - No More Tolerance For Alcohol-fuelled Crime
A social consensus has been reached – finally – to change South Korea’s drinking culture. Hite-Jinro Group, the biggest maker of alcohol drinks with a 48% of market share, since last week has been labeling four kinds of soju and beer with a message that says, “No more drunken violence! Let’s improve wrong drinking culture.” (Scotland) - Alcohol ban on Scotland’s trains between 9pm and 10am comes into force
A ban on consuming alcohol on board Scotland’s trains in the mornings and evenings has come into force.
U.S. News & World Report - Alcohol Poses Serious Risks for Those With Diabetes
People who have certain chronic medical conditions, such as type 1 diabetes, are even more susceptible than most to the ill effects of alcohol, though they may not be aware of how potentially dangerous alcohol can be.
BBC News (UK) - Tougher alcohol marketing rules 'may be needed'
Tougher rules on alcohol marketing may be needed, including possibly a ban on sports sponsorship, MPs say.
Fife Today (Scotland) - Government to defend alcohol price
The Scottish Government will vigorously defend minimum pricing for alcohol against the legal challenge from the drinks industry, the Health Secretary has said.
BBC News (Scotland) - Quarter of intensive care patients 'have drink problem'
A quarter of patients who end up in intensive care in Scotland have drink problems, most with chronic alcohol disease, a survey has said.
Al-Arabiya (Egypt) - Alcohol strictly prohibited in Egypt’s 4 major Islamic holidays beyond Ramadan: minister
Egyptians won’t be able to purchase alcoholic beverages during the month of Ramadan as well as the four major Islamic holidays, an Egyptian daily reported on Sunday citing a new decision by the Tourism Minister.
ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol Fuelled Violence - Dr. Anthony Lynham
I want to take you inside Monday morning in a major Brisbane hospital. This morning is normally the morning from hell. Alcohol fueled violence is on the increase, and it's putting a huge drain on our health system.
Men's Fitness - Even Moderate Alcohol Consumption Has Dementia Risk
A new study questions the benefits of alcohol for the brain, with even 7 to 14 drinks a week linked to symptoms of dementia in elderly.
Reuters (Russia) - Russian upper house backs alcohol advertising ban
Russia's upper house of parliament backed a bill banning Internet advertising of alcohol as part of the Russian government's drive to curb alcohol abuse in the country.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol action plan talks deferred
THE CABINET has deferred discussion on the Government’s action plan on alcohol until September amid disagreement between Fine Gael and Labour over how strong its measures should be.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Get tough on alcohol ads and labels: AMA
The federal government should finally crack down on alcohol advertising and require warning labels on booze after the bashing death of Thomas Kelly, the head of the Australian Medical Association says.
RedOrbit - Pregnant Women Continue To Drink Alcohol Despite The Risks
It has long been known that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can hinder fetal brain development, and now a government health survey has found that one in 13 women (7.6 percent) drink when they are carrying and some even go on binges, further risking the development of their unborn child.
Health policy solutions - Opinion: Any alcohol during pregnancy is a risk
Most pregnant women across the United States listen to and rely on sound medical advice from their doctors and other health experts when determining how to protect the health of their unborn babies. “Don’t drink during pregnancy” is a message based on evidence that resonates with most expectant mothers and contributes to the health of future generations.
The Guardian (UK) - NHS needs support from local authorities to tackle alcohol problems
The health select committee's report on the government's alcohol strategy rightly identified that the government should give more emphasis to the health impact of chronic alcohol misuse, which causes more than 6,000 deaths and costs the NHS over £3bn a year.
Independent Online (South Africa) - ‘Pupils use drugs and alcohol at 13’
Pupils in Gauteng high schools use drugs to enhance their performance. And the majority of pupils who abuse drugs are in Grade 12.
San Francisco Chronicle (USA) - DUI fatalities drop sharply after interlock law
Preliminary results show alcohol-related traffic fatalities dropped in the year since the state began requiring an ignition interlock for those convicted of drunken driving. (New Zealand) - Children with Foetal Alcohol more likely to end up in prison
The Health Select Committee should take seriously Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills concerns about the increase of children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders(FADS), says Kim Workman, Director of Rethinking Crime and Punishment. FASD is an umbrella term describing the range of effects that can occur in an individual prenatally exposed to alcohol.