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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last call: Review looks to address culture of alcohol, boozing by British lawmakers

British lawmakers have been known to get rowdy during debates. They also have been known to fall down drunk during a vote, headbutt colleagues in a drunken brawl, and run up 50,000 pound ($80,000) tabs for food and drink.

But in what could signal a last call for drunken debauchery on the Parliamentary Estate, Britain’s House of Commons is mulling new rules on lawmakers’ libations amid a broader effort by the government to curb drinking.

The crackdown could come after a review that was reportedly ordered by the speaker of the House of Commons shortly after a lawmaker, Eric Joyce, admitted he was “hammered” on red wine when he headbutted two Conservative rivals, punched another and assaulted a member of his own Labour Party in a frenzied brawl at Strangers’ bar in Parliament. > > > > Read More