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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

EUCAM March News Update

This is the fourteenth in a monthly series of EUCAM news updates. The following news items have been published on in March of 2012:

UK´s new Alcohol Strategy: Does it go far enough?

03/27/12 - Last week the British government published it’s hotly debated Alcohol Strategy. Among the commitments of the strategy, are plans to introduce a floor pricing of 40 pence per alcoholic unit, as well as plans to ban two-for-one promotions to combat binge drinking. The strategy has been met with mixed reactions, particularly concerning its approach to advertising and the reliance on the responsibilities of the alcohol industry.

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British administration to ban advertising pushing cheap alcohol

03/08/12 - British supermarkets might could soon be banned from advertising cheap alcohol, if current Coalition plans go through. This would imply an end to TV and poster ads pushing cheap alcohol.

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Australian alcohol marketing now under scrutiny by independent watchdog

03/13/12 - Australia just got their first fully independent alcohol marketing watchdog. The Alcohol Advertising Review Board (AARB) is an innovative new project from the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth in collaboration with Cancer Council Western Australia. The AARB will judge community complaints about alcohol advertising and will deliver determinations, free of industry influence.

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Brazillian government no longer devided on alcohol sale during World Cup?

03/20/12 - While it seems that the matter is still widely unresolved, Brazil’s sport minister has released a reassuring statement to the FIFA that the government remains committed to approving the sale of alcohol inside World Cup stadiums.

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IOGT International calls out FIFA: stop bullying and insulting Brazil

03/06/12 - IOGT International, today spread a press release condemning the world’s football governing body, FIFA, as doing the dirty work for the alcohol industry. Additionally IOGT makes the case that FIFA ignores scientific evidence and social needs, while also bullying and insulting Brazilians.

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Alcohol Concern Cymru claims children exposed to alcohol advertising

03/15/12 - A new report from British health campaign group Alcohol Concern Cymru shows that children as young as 10 in Wales are more familiar with some leading alcohol brands and adverts than those for popular foods and snacks.

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Link alcohol use in movies and adolescent binge drinking ‘robust’ new study claims

03/13/12 - New scientific research shows that the link between exposure of teens to alcohol consumption in movies and binge drinking is strong. This conclusion comes from a survey questioning 16.551 adolescents in Germany, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and Scotland. The study also shows that the relationship between alcohol use in movies and adolescent binge drinking is the same in all six countries.

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Norwegian brewers forbidden to show beer on own websites

03/01/12 - Since last month, new rulings by two state agencies prohibit Norwegian brewers from reviewing or depicting beer on their websites. The organizations in question, Aass Brewery and the Norwegian Brewery Association, are furious about what they call ´surreal´ verdicts.

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