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Friday, March 9, 2012

General Lifestyle Survey Overview A report on the 2010 General Lifestyle Survey

This report presents the latest information from the General Lifestyle Survey (GLF) for the 2010 calendar year (January to December). The report covers the main topics of the survey, which are presented as seven chapters: Smoking; Drinking; Households, families and people; Housing and consumer durables; Marriage and cohabitation; Pensions; and General health. The chapters provide overviews of each topic area, which are also supported by tabular output. The tabular output is provided in the form of Microsoft Excel tables that can be downloaded by clicking on the table references within the report.

The General Household Survey (GHS) and the General Lifestyle Survey (GLF) have, between them, been measuring drinking behaviour for over 30 years. This chapter presents information on recent trends over time in drinking behaviour and detailed data for the 2010 survey year.

How the data are used and their importance..
Measuring alcohol consumption
Recent changes in methodology
Trends in average weekly alcohol consumption.
Trends in last week’s drinking
Frequency of alcohol consumption
Awareness of level of alcohol consumption.
Weekly alcohol consumption by sex and age
Weekly alcohol consumption and household socio-economic status
Weekly alcohol consumption and smoking.
Weekly alcohol consumption in urban and rural areas
Drinking in the week before interview in 2010.
Frequency of drinking during the last week.
Maximum daily amount drunk last week
Drinking last week and smoking status
Drinking last week in urban and rural areas.
Drinking last week and household income.
Drinking last week, economic activity and earnings from employment.
Variation in drinking last week between countries and regions..
Drinking during pregnancy.
Notes and references.

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