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Monday, March 5, 2012

Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Health: Current Evidence: January–February 2012

Interventions & Assessments
  • Lack of Efficacy of a 3-Medication Treatment Protocol for Methamphetamine Dependence
  • Retention in Opioid Agonist Treatment after Prison Release Reduces Re-incarceration
  • Adding N-Acetylcysteine to Glucocorticoids May Improve Outcomes in Patients with Severe Alcoholic Hepatitis
  • People Receiving Buprenorphine and Methadone Are More Likely to Be Responsible for Road Traffic Crashes
  • Recent Notable Developments in Addiction Pharmacotherapies

Health Outcomes

  • Modest Marijuana Exposure Does Not Adversely Affect Pulmonary Function, but High Cumulative Exposure Does
  • Wine-specific Mortality Benefits Disappear When Studied Appropriately
  • Thirty Years of Observational Studies of Alcohol’s Cardioprotective Effects: Uncertainty Remains
  • Lifestyle and Environmental Factors, Including Tobacco and Alcohol Use, and Risk of Cancer


  • Baclofen: New Hope for Alcohol Abstinence in Patients with Alcohol- and HCV-related Cirrhosis?
  • Needle and Syringe Provision and Opioid Agonist Treatment May Reduce the Spread of HCV in People with Injection Drug Use
  • Mental-Health and Substance Use Disorders Impact the Development of AIDS-defining Illness and Death in HIV-infected Veterans
  • Political Engagement Is Associated with Reduced HIV Risk Behaviors

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