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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Alcohol News - 4/2012

MyHealthNewsDaily (Denmark) - 1-2 Drinks a Week Can Raise Miscarriage Risk
Drinking even a small amount of alcohol could increase the risk of miscarriage during the first four months of pregnancy, a new study from Denmark suggests.
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The (Sweden) - Average Swede likes sweets, booze, and TV
The average Swede is 40+, munches on a weekly bag of sweets, washed down with a glass or three of alcohol, while relaxing in front of the TV, according to the 2012 Statistical Yearbook of Sweden from Statistics Sweden (Statistiska Centralbyrån -SCB).
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TIME - Alcohol in Pregnancy: It’s Never Safe, Especially Not in the First Trimester
A new study finds that the developmental hazards of maternal drinking may be greatest at the end of the first trimester.
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The Age (Australia) - Alcohol incidents skyrocket on Australia Day
HEAVY drinking is the Australian way for many, and more young people are involved in harmful alcohol-related incidents, such as assaults and car accidents, on Australia Day than on any other public holiday, research has found.
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BBC News (Brazil) - Beer 'must be sold' at Brazil World Cup, says Fifa
Beer must be sold at all venues hosting matches in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, football's world governing body, Fifa, has insisted.
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The Columbian (USA) - Binge drinking can lead to variety of serious consequences
More than 18 percent of Washington residents, and nearly 16 percent of people nationally, binge drink, according to new estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC defines binge drinking as a man drinking five or more alcoholic drinks within a short period of time or a woman drinking four or more alcoholic drinks within a short period of time.
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Irish Examiner (UK) - Almost one in 10 adults in North 'has drink problem'
Nearly one in 10 people surveyed about drinking in the North was found to have a problem with alcohol. The research compiled on behalf of the British Department of Health was based on interviews with more than 2,000 people and revealed trends in alcohol use.
Read more - Parental Alcoholism Linked to Brain Changes in Kids
Adolescent brains respond to risky situations differently if the teen's parents are alcoholics, new research finds.
Read more - 'Sumerian beer' alcohol-free? A controversy is brewing
The fermented cereal beverage enjoyed by Sumerians, so-called Sumerian beer, may have been alcohol-free, suggests a recent review of ancient Sumerian practices.
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Globes (Israel) - New law bans alcohol advertising
The Knesset plenum is due to pass a private member's bill by MK Danny Danon (Likud) which bans alcohol advertising on billboards and buses in its second and third readings today. The bill also restricts alcohol advertisements to media that only targets adults.
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RIA Novosti (Russia) - Beer may return to Russian stadiums: Putin
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has promised to consider lifting the current ban on sale and advertisement of beer at football stadiums in Russia, which will host the World Cup championship in 2018.
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The Canberra Times (Australia) - Raise alcohol price to 'reduce harm'
A minimum price for alcohol is needed to prevent the industry from selling liquor “below price'', according to a report prepared for the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.
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Edinburgh Evening News (Scotland) - Stores accused over alcohol sales
MSPs have accused supermarkets of "undermining the spirit" of alcohol discounting laws by slashing their prices and encouraging online purchasing.
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Irish Times (Ireland) - Supervised teenage alcohol use at home is not a good idea
HOW DO you effectively teach your children about alcohol? Minister of State with responsibility for Primary Care Róisín Shortall has said she felt parents should not be giving their children alcohol at home in an attempt to teach “responsible drinking”, and are sometimes permitting binge drinking at home to try to prevent it going on in unsupervised circumstances elsewhere.
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Olive Press (Spain) - Spain rejects breathalysers for cars
SPAIN has rejected breathalysers for cars on the basis that “the only safe way to drive is with zero alcohol in your system”.
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