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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Alcohol Concern urges action on minimum pricing ahead of new national alcohol strategy

Alcohol Concern are calling on the public to urge MPs to push for minimum pricing ahead of the forthcoming national alcohol strategy. Alcohol Concern state:

The next few weeks will be our last chance to influence the shape of the alcohol strategy, which will shape public policy on reducing alcohol harm for years to come. We must act now to counteract the lobbying power of the drinks industry and major retailers.

The Prime Minister has come out in support of minimum pricing, but the Secretary of State for Health has not- this is the moment when we need MPs to call for minimum pricing and help ensure that it becomes government policy.

Up until now, the government has relied largely on voluntary measures by the drinks industry to reduce consumption. Given that the turnover and profitability of the drinks industry is entirely reliant on maintaining or increasing alcohol consumption, there is a clear conflict of interest involved in this approach. > > > > Read More