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Monday, June 29, 2009

Chronic alcohol consumption from adolescence-to-adulthood in mice—Effect on growth and social behavior
Drug and Alcohol Dependence Article in Press 27 June 2009

Experimentation with alcohol is common during adolescence. However the long-term consequences from moderate alcohol use during adolescence development are not clear.

Chronic alcohol consumption resulted in reduced growth in adolescent mice, as well as accelerated acclimation to a novel environment. During a social interaction test, similar levels of initial social investigation and subsequent habituation were observed in both the chronic alcohol and the water-only control groups. However, chronic alcohol self-administration resulted in impaired social recognition and decreased social play/fight behavior.

Taken together, these results indicated that chronic alcohol consumption across adolescence development negatively impacted both physical growth and social behavior in mice, highlighting the detrimental consequences from prolonged alcohol drinking in adolescence.

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