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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mutual Support Resources

Faces & Voices thanks Ernest and Linda Kurtz for developing our Guide to Mutual Support Resources. They launched it in 2001 for Behavioral Health Recovery Management. In 2005, Faces & Voices of Recovery assumed responsibility for the Guide that includes comprehensive information on mutual aid groups and recovery support resources. As Ernie, who has managed the site for the last three years, moves on, we extend a special thanks to him for the many hours that he has given to researching newly developing groups and providing monthly updates on mutual support resources.

The Guide to Mutual Support Resources will live on, with regular updates about useful resources for people seeking or in long-term recovery from addiction to alcohol or other drugs, family members, friends and loved ones. We’re pleased to announce that Lora Passetti, a Chestnut Health System research manager who has studied recovery support groups for young people, will be working with Bill White to manage the Guide going forward. Thank you Lora and Bill! Thank you also to Michael Boyle, Linda Kurtz and Keith Humphreys for their advice and assistance.

As you begin to review and use the information in this section, please take a moment to look at About Mutual Support, Encouraging Local Group Development, and References to find out more about mutual aid and support. If you are working with people seeking or in recovery from addiction to alcohol or other drugs, you will also be interested in checking out For Professionals.

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