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Monday, October 29, 2007

Alcohol marketing and retailing: Public opinion and recent policy developments in Canada
Journal of Substance Use, Volume 12, Issue 6 December 2007 , pages 389 - 404

Recent developments in alcohol policy in Canada, particularly those pertaining to alcohol marketing and retailing, provide the context for this study of public opinion on alcohol policy topics.

There was considerable variation in support across policy topics, the rank order being similar from year to year. There was somewhat less support for those items, e.g. higher taxes or fewer outlets, considered to be effective by evaluation studies.

A major finding was a decline in support over time. Women, older respondents, and lighter drinkers and abstainers were more likely to be supportive of alcohol control policies. The analyses also revealed interaction between provinces and rate of change in declining support.

The authors hypothesize that intensive marketing and retailing of alcohol may be important factors in declining public support. Declining support for alcohol policy is expected to have implications for controlling damage and costs related to increasing alcohol consumption.

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