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Monday, September 9, 2013

Alcohol News - 36/2013

The Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - Parents drink, children follow
In a new study, the national public health institute, SIF, shows that children between the ages of 13 and 15 are more likely to drink, and have been drunk, if their parents drink daily, when compared to those children whose parents drink less frequently.
VTI (Sweden) - Fataly risk of alcohol involved driving in Sweden
The risk of a driver to be killed or injured in a crash increases considerably under the influence of alcohol. The risk increases with increased alcohol concentration.
ADD (Sweden) - 160 Swedish CSOs recognize alcohol as a hindrance to development
The Swedish NGO umbrella organisation “Forum Syd” has adopted a policy document which points at alcohol as a hindrance to development and a factor which can obstruct work for rights and poverty reduction. 160 NGOs are members of Forum Syd.
Postimees - Alcohol dependence is undertreated in Estonia – specialist
Alcohol use disorder is the most undertreated medical problem in Estonia, says Jaanus Harro, University of Tartu professor and councillor at the executive committee of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology who steers an international conference on alcohol dependence in Tallinn on Friday.
ERR News (Estonia) - Temperance Activists Warn Against Lifting Open Container Ban
The Temperance Union said a bill aiming to end the ban against public consumption of alcoholic beverages is a move in the wrong direction.
Hurriyet Daily News (Turkey) - Restrictions on alcohol sales go into effect today in Turkey
A series of controversial regulations placing limits on the sale and advertising of alcoholic beverages in Turkey takes effect as of today, despite criticism from many small shop owners. - Alcohol-Free Wombs: Ulster Experts Focus On Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
University of Ulster healthcare researchers will join leading medical professionals today to focus on the risks of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).
MedPage Today - Risk for Fetal Alcohol Damage Higher for Kids in Care Systems
Children living in orphanges, foster care, and similar settings had higher rates of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) compared with those in the general population, according to a meta-analysis.
The Australian - Study links high lead levels to anxiety, alcohol problems
CHILDHOOD lead exposure in the South Australian city of Port Pirie has been linked to psychological illness and substance abuse problems in adulthood.
IrishCentral (Ireland) - Irish university launches first ever alcohol free dorms
As Irish universities return for the start of a new college term, one school is piloting an unlikely new initiative: alcohol free dorms.
Eyewitness News (South Africa) - Foetal alcohol syndrome still destroying communities
The Western Cape Heath Department officials say awareness around foetal alcohol syndrome is crucial as it traps communities in a cycle of poverty.
Lawyers Weekly Canada (Canada) - Grappling with the challenge of fetal alcohol disorder in law
The man pleading guilty to sexual assault set off alarm bells in the judge’s head. “It was his speech, plus the fact that he would answer that he understood something, but could not then say it back to me in his own words, or even repeat my words,” Chief Judge Carol Snell of Saskatchewan’s Provincial Court explained.
BBC News (Scotland) - Tories seek review of ban on alcohol at Scottish football matches
The Scottish Conservatives want a review of the ban on the sale of alcohol at Scottish football matches. Strict controls were introduced in 1980 after violent clashes during the Scottish Cup final at Hampden.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Gerry Adams 'shocked' by Lapgate alcohol bill
Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams said he was "shocked" by the revelation that a whopping €1,440.80 was spent on alcohol in the Dail bar on the night of the late-night vote on the abortion bill.
Prague Daily Monitor (Chech Republic) - Experts: Some 500,000 Czechs have problems with alcohol
An estimated 500,000 to 700,000 people in the 10.5 million Czech Republic have problems with alcohol dependence, representatives of the 65-year-old Addiction and Substance Dependence Clinic in Prague said Thursday.
Medical Xpress - Study quantifies direct effect of alcohol misuse on 20-somethings
University of Otago, Christchurch researchers have for the first time quantified exactly what damage alcohol abuse is inflicting on 20-somethings, and in turn society.
Irish Times (ireland) - Alcohol has ‘enormous bearing’ on suicide and self-harm rates, says Lynch
Alcohol has an “enormous bearing” on suicide and self-harm rates in Ireland, Minister of State with responsibility for Mental Health Kathleen Lynch said yesterday.
Cambridge News (UK) - UK is 'addiction capital of Europe'
The UK is the "addiction capital of Europe", with some of its highest rates of opiate addiction and dependence on alcohol, a major new report warns. (Australia) - Super binge drinkers guzzle 3090 drinks a year
AUSTRALIA'S binge drinkers have graduated into super binge drinkers consuming more than 3090 standard drinks a year.
Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - Hospitality NZ supports plan to make public drunkenness illegal
Hospitality New Zealand says it supports a plan by the Wellington City Council to make public drunkenness illegal, and wants the police to have the ability to fine people.