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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trends in Binge and Heavy Drinking, Alcohol-Related Problems, and Combat Exposure in the U.S. Military

Population-based Department of Defense health behavior surveys were examined for binge and heavy drinking among U.S. active duty personnel.

From 1998–2008, personnel showed significant increases in heavy drinking (15% to 20%) and binge drinking (35% to 47%). The rate of alcohol-related serious consequences was 4% for nonbinge drinkers, 9% for binge drinkers, and 19% for heavy drinkers.

Personnel with high combat exposure had significantly higher rates of heavy (26.8%) and binge (54.8%) drinking than their counterparts (17% and 45%, respectively).

Heavy and binge drinking put service members at high risk for problems that diminish force readiness and psychological fitness.


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