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Monday, July 8, 2013

Alcohol News - 27/2013

Views and News from Norway (Norway) - Tough liquor laws retain support

Even though Norwegians crowd into the tax-free shops at local airports and flock over the border to buy cheaper wine and liquor in Sweden, they apparently want to hang on to their restrictive wine and liquor laws. More than half think Norway’s punitive taxes on alcoholic beverages should remain unchanged, and an overwhelming majority support the state-controlled monopoly on retail sales, Vinmonopolet.

Eurocare (Denmark) - Cheaper beer in Denmark – How many lives will be lost?

The Danish government cut the beer tax by 15% on the 1 July and made alcohol more affordable for not only its own population, but also the neighboring countries like Sweden and Norway (that have higher taxes).


The Local (Norway) - Norway rape victims 'often near unconscious'

The average blood alcohol content of Norwegian rape victims renders them "near unconscious", according to a Trondheim doctor whose research found that eight out of ten rape victims in Norway had been drinking before the assault. (Finland) - Finnish youth less keen on alcohol

Alcohol and cigarettes are not as popular as they once were among young people in Finland. A new survey shows that they tend to spend more time on the internet than drinking with their peers.

The Baltic Course (Lithuania) - Excises for alcohol and tobacco in Lithuania to be raised in spring 2014

The spring 2014 will be marked by increase in the prices of alcohol and tobacco in Lithuania. On Tuesday, the Seimas has confirmed the Government's proposal for increase in excises, reports LETA/ELTA, referring to Lietuvos rytas.

ETSC (Lithuania) - Lithuanian Presidency makes road safety a priority

“We are in the unique situation where the two countries succeeding each other in holding the EU Presidency have been recognised for their respective efforts to improve road safety,” said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director. (UK) - One in ten primary school leavers 'has drunk alcohol in past week'

More than one in ten children in their final year of primary school admits to having drunk alcohol during the previous week, according to a new survey.

Kyiv Post (Ukraine) - Cabinet postpones introduction of new excise labels on alcohol and tobacco until Sept 1

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has postponed the introduction of new excise labels on alcohol and tobacco from August 1 to September 1, 2013.

Lancaster Newspapers (USA) - Liquor lobbyists spent over $900,000 towards privatizing alcohol sales in Pa.

Last week, Gov. Tom Corbett's dream of privatizing liquor sales in Pennsylvania went down in flames, as state senators couldn't agree on a plan to get the commonwealth out of the booze business.

Daily Mail - Just three pints of beer a week can dull your brain by 20% and make it harder to react to stimulus

Drinking three pints of beer – or three medium-sized glasses of wine – once a week permanently dulls the brain, according to a study. (Australia) - Australian businesses lose $6 billion in productivity to workplace drug and alcohol issues, report warns

Australian businesses are being urged to act now to counter the effects of drugs and alcohol in the workplace, with experts saying businesses are losing more than $6 billion annually in lost productivity and absenteeism.

Skift (Italy) - After complaints, Venice’s gondoliers may face drug and alcohol tests

They symbolise the romance and unique heritage of Venice, but the lagoon city’s famed gondoliers are becoming known for drunken antics and could soon be forced to take drug and alcohol tests.

Kyiv Post (Ukraine) - Economy ministry proposes to toughen requirements to beer, alcohol and tobacco outlets

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine has initiated toughening of the rules of sale beer, alcohol drinks and tobacco goods.

The Moscow Times (Russia) - Excise Stamp Row Risks Illegal Alcohol Influx

The amount of illegal alcohol on the domestic market could increase if regulators bow to producers' demands to extend the validity of old-style excise duty stamps until September 2015, alcohol market experts said.

Evening Standard (UK) - Liver disease on the rise among women 'in denial' about their drinking

Soaring rates of alcohol-related liver disease among young women professionals in some of London’s wealthiest boroughs have prompted a major campaign by health experts in the capital.

The Press (New Zealand) - 3000-plus respond to alcohol plan

More than 3000 submissions have been lodged in response to the Christchurch City Council's draft local alcohol policy.

Vancouver Sun (Canada) - Alcohol problems linked to legal drinking age: study

Raising the legal drinking age to 19 in all provinces could reduce alcohol-related harms and hospitalizations, says a new study from the University of Northern B.C.