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Monday, June 10, 2013

Alcohol News - 23/2013

The Nordic Page (Norway) - Norwegian Politicians Defend Wine Monopoly

The majority of the country’s local politicians want continuation of wine monopoly and are against wine sale at convenience stores and supermarkets.

Alice Rap (Denmark) - Complexity: Researching alcohol and other drugs in a multiple world (Aarhus - Denmark, 21st-23rd August 2013)

Hosted by Contemporary Drug Problems, the Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research (Aarhus University, Denmark), the National Drug Research Institute (Curtin University, Australia) and the Centre for Population Health (Burnet Institute, Australia), this conference will bring together leading international researchers in drug use and addiction studies from a range of research disciplines.

Norway Today (Norway) - Half of the fire victims were alcohol affected

Over half of these had even caused by the fire, according to a survey by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association.

Finnbay (Finland) - Finnish Youth Goes Wild with Alcohol

Helsinki youth has been celebrating the approaching of end of the school year with crazy parties. These parties involve heavily used alcohol and drugs.

Alcohol and Alcoholism (Finland) - Alcohol Policy Changes and Trends in Adolescent Drinking in Finland from 1981 to 2011

Alcohol policy changes between 1981 and 2011 seem not to have had noticeable influence on alcohol drinking or drunkenness among the under-aged in Finland. Conspicuous increases seen in population total consumption in association with EU-related developments have not materialized among adolescents.

The Baltic Course (Estonia) - Estonian state wants to reduce tax-free alcohol and tobacco import

The Estonian government approved on Thursday of amendments to the draft law that toughens the conditions for bringing tax-free fuel, tobacco and alcohol to Estonia from third states, informs LETA.

News ERR (Estonia) - Store Clerks to Start Requesting ID From All Alcohol Buyers Appearing Under 30

Starting today, major store chains will start asking to see ID when anyone who looks under the age of 30 purchases alcohol.

Daily Mail (UK) - One in three designated drivers drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel

Perhaps call that taxi after all - new research has has found that more than one in three designated drivers have had a drink and most had blood-alcohol levels high enough to affect their driving.

Interfax (Ukraine) - Income ministry proposes postponing introduction of new excise labels for alcohol and tobacco until September 1

The Income and Tax Ministry of Ukraine has proposed introducing new excise labels for alcohol and tobacco from September 1, 2013 instead of August 1, 2013.

Irish Independent (Ireland) - Varadkar aims to delay alcohol sponsor ban

CONTROVERSIAL proposals to ban alcohol sponsorships of sporting events are to be discussed by ministers next week, writes Fiach Kelly.

Daily Mail (UK) - Children as young as nine treated for alcohol-related illnesses as A&E doctors reveal 'worrying' increase in young girls drinking

Children as young as nine have been treated in hospital for alcohol-related illnesses, it has been revealed. And hospital emergency specialists have said they have seen a 'worrying' trend of an increase in young girls drinking.

The Guardian (UK) - One for the road? The hidden risks of roadside alcohol availability

In the UK, you can purchase and drink alcohol in bars, restaurants, cafes, at the cinema, at the theatre and on planes and trains. However, how often have you had the urge for a pint while driving along the M40 and not had the opportunity?

Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol abuse, drug abuse and mental illness feature in child care cases

Alcohol abuse, drug abuse and mental illness feature in many of the cases published by the Child Care Law Reporting Project today. (Bulgaria) - Expert: Bulgaria Ranks 6 Globally by Alcohol Consumption

Bulgaria has been ranked sixth globally by alcoholic beverages consumption with 30 liters a year per capita. - East Africa: Excessive Alcohol Consumption Could Hinder Mdgs, Says EAC Civil Society Platform

The East African Community Civil Society against alcohol abuse has warned that if nothing is done, alcohol abuse could hinder the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Yeshiva World News (Israel) - Israel Hikes Up Alcohol Tax Beginning on July 1st

It will cost a bit more to say ‘l’chaim’ beginning on July 1, 2013, when the government tax increase on alcohol takes effect. The tax on beer has almost doubled, along with an increase in cigarette tax and a 1% hike in the value added tax.

Standart News (Bulgaria) - Over 350,000 Bulgarians Are Addicted to Alcohol

About 350,000 Bulgarians are addicted to alcohol but only one percent seeks medical treatment. The sad statistics was announced during a seminar on alcohol dependency and therapy.

Sunrise Senior Living Blog - Alcohol-Induced Dementia An Overlooked Problem

Moderate alcohol consumption has been shown to have substantial health benefits for seniors. In fact, some studies suggest that a compound found in red wine - resveratrol - could be good for cardiovascular well-being.