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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Critique 111: Association of alcohol consumption with a measure of osteoporosis in elderly women — 7 May 2013

The density of bones, measured as bone mineral density (BMD), is strongly related to osteoporosis. Elderly women with osteoporosis, in particular, are at increased risk of fractures of the hip, arm, and spine; such fractures often relate to severe disability.

With data on alcohol collected as part of a clinical trial on the prevention of osteoporosis, investigators in Finland have related alcohol consumption to changes over three years in BMD. After those excluded due to incomplete data, data on 300 women were available for analysis. The majority of women were abstainers or consumed little alcohol. Nevertheless, the results support much earlier research: regular, moderate drinking is associated with higher levels of BMD (i.e., lower risk of osteoporotic fractures) than is abstinence.   > > > >  Read More